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Compassionate Help for All Ages

Therapist with Older Adult

We deliver confidential, compassionate care to address the mental health challenges people face throughout their lifetime. From early childhood through adolescence, adulthood and older adulthood, our programs help people in Pierce and South King counties achieve wellness and live to their fullest potential. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes programs tailored to meet the needs of: 

  • Children and families: We specialize in helping families help their children address problems of mood, behavior, relationships and trauma so they can reach normal developmental milestones. Learn more about programs for children and families.
  • Adults: From relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety to overcoming stressful events and relationships to breaking the cycle of addiction, we help adults take back control of their lives. Learn more about programs for adults.
  • Adults living with chronic mental health conditions: We offer wide range of community support services to help people manage symptoms and live successfully in their community. Learn more about programs our Adult Community Support Services program.
  • Older adults: We help individuals over 60 years old maximize their wellness and independence. We also deliver personalized memory and emotional care through a dedicated inpatient program. Learn more about our programs for older adults.  

Contact Us

Our services are available in convenient locations throughout Pierce and South King counties. 

Call the MultiCare Behavioral Health Access Center at 888-445-8120 to make an appointment for outpatient and specialty services.

For inpatient hospitalization inquiries, please call 253-545-2336 Monday-Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. After hours and weekends, call 253-545-2813.