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Mental Health Crisis

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Accessing Community Mental Health Treatment

For life-threatening emergencies, Call 911

Pierce County Crisis Line:

TDD: 886-353-7180

The Mobile Outreach Crisis Team (MOCT) serves Pierce County as an emergency consultation and intervention service. If an individual or a family member is experiencing a mental health crisis, the crisis line can be reached 24 hours / day, 365 days / year. If the symptoms are too severe, a family member or friend can place the call.

Crisis Team Staff

Crisis Intervention Therapists - provide risk assessments and can assist in accessing community mental health treatment.  They are the liaison to crisis resources in the community, including the Recovery Response Center

Peer Support Specialists - are specially trained individuals who have first-hand experience as consumers of mental health treatment. They can provide unique insight, assist in providing recovery resources, and aid in crisis intervention.

Designated Mental Health Professionals - are granted the capacity to perform involuntary treatment investigations. In addition to performing risk assessments, these individuals can assist consumers with hospitalization for mental health symptoms. 

Hands Coming Together

Pierce County Warm Line

The Recovery Support Line is available 3 to 11pm and is staffed by trained individuals who have experienced many of the same challenges you have.


Puget Sound Crisis Resources