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Learn to Live a Healthier Life

MultiCare Center for Healthy Living offers workshops taught by Registered Dietitians designed to provide engaging, informative and informal health education for your employees. One-hour classes are taught on a variety of topics.


Price: One-hour class $250
Purchase four Brown Bags and receive 10% off

Heart Health/Diabetes

Eat to Beat High Cholesterol
Eat to Beat Inflammation
Eat Your Heart Out
Fiber and Whole Grains
Fight Four with Four

Healthy Hearts
Kick the Salt Habit
Stress Less
The Dish on Diabetes

Weight Management/Weight Loss

Meal Planning
Mindful Weight Management
Mindless Eating
Healthy Holiday Eating
Food Journaling and Self Monitoring
Preventing Lapse, Relapse and Collapse
Getting Real about Weight Loss and Maintenance
Holiday Recovery

Intuitive Eating
Label Logic
Dining Out and Eating on the Go
What’s the Skinny on Diets?
Portion Distortion
Behavior Modification

General Nutrition Support

Budget Food Shopping
Nutrition 101
Nutrition for Seniors
Ready, Set, Go! 5210 - In the Workplace
Nutrition Fact vs. Fiction

Antioxidants 101
Nutrition for Exercise
Fruits & Veggies - More Matters
In the Pockets of 100-year-olds


Exercise for a Hectic Lifestyle

Intro to Yoga


Support Class

Healthy Living...In 30 Minutes Class

Learn tools to help your family eat and live better while spending less, in just 30 minutes! Participate from the comfort and convenience of your home in FREE online classes designed with tight budgets in mind. Attend a minimum of four classes and win a prize from the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living!

Classes occur twice a week, on Tuesdays and Wednesday during the month of August and into early September. 

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