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Direct Admits/Transfers - MultiCare One Call

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Faster, Easier Direct Patient Transfers & Admits

MultiCare One Call is a system-wide, standard process for patient transfers and direct admits in order to improve patient safety and satisfaction, provide a better experience for providers, and to create a more seamless process for patients, families, and providers.

The MultiCare One Call Process

1.Transferring/admitting providers or facilities will call one of two numbers:

  • MultiCare One Call for adult patients:
    855-MHS-3030 (855-647-3030)
  • MultiCare Mary Bridge One Call for pediatric patients:
    855-MHS-1010 (855-647-1010)

2. These numbers are answered 24/7 by dedicated RN staff.

3. One Call RN discusses patient needs with sending provider/hospital to acquire all necessary information.

4. RN ends call with sending provider then calls/pages relevant receiving physician. It is anticipated that the receiving physician will be able to return calls/pages in less than 5 minutes.

5. Receiving physician responds to call/page and One Call RN coordinates a conference call between sending and receiving entities for physician-to-physician hand-off.

6. Once a transfer decision has been made the One Call RN confirms transfer location to sending provider/hospital, and notifies the receiving hospital that the patient is coming.

Who Does MultiCare One Call Apply To?

MultiCare One Call* will apply to any direct admit or acute transfer patient who meets the following criteria:

  • Is a direct admit into a MultiCare facility
  • Is an acute inpatient transfer between MultiCare facilities
  • Is an acute transfer from a non-system hospital to MultiCare

Exceptions: During the first phase of implementation, the following patients will not fall under the scope of the MultiCare One Call process:

  • Trauma patients
  • Code Stemi
  • NICU
  • OB patients for OB services

Questions? Contact:

Alison Roberts, RN, MSN, Director – MultiCare One Call Center, or 253-792-6213

*MultiCare One Call Applies to All MultiCare Hospitals