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High-Risk OB CareConnect™

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Expert Care for High-Risk Pregnancies


Sometimes, challenges arise during pregnancy that can affect a mother’s health and that of her unborn baby. MultiCare’s High-Risk OB CareConnect™ program was created to give women with high-risk pregnancies the extra special prenatal care and attention they need.

If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, your MultiCare obstetrician will recommend the High-Risk OB CareConnect program that is best for you.

The Diabetes Care Program and High-Risk Pregnancies
MultiCare's Diabetes Program offers a complete package of services for high-risk pregnant women with preexisting diabetes or gestational diabetes, including:
  • A diabetes care coordinator who will be your contact to guide you through all aspects of your diabetes care journey.
  • A Personalized Diabetes Guidebook (both in digital and printed formats), with various resources, tips and tools created especially for you.
  • A convenient, new home-based glucose monitoring solution that will enable you to upload glucometer test results from wherever you are to your electronic health record for your care team to monitor on an ongoing basis.
  • The ability to advance schedule all of your diabetes-related appointments to best fit your schedule
  • My Pregnancy, a personalized, computer-based dashboard that will allow you to track your progress, view an online calendar of upcoming appointments and interact with your providers throughout your high-risk pregnancy.
  • MultiCare's 24/7 HealthConnect web portal, which provides answers to frequently asked questions, a moms-and-babies Facebook group and other e-tools and resources.
Personalized Care for Special Moms and Babies

You will benefit from a customized high-risk pregnancy care roadmap that will outline the various visits with your obstetrician or the sub-specialists involved in your care. These high-risk pregnancy care roadmaps are based on the latest clinical evidence and best practices in obstetric (OB) care.

You and your MultiCare obstetrician will discuss:

  • The team of experts, including a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist, who will be working with your obstetrician to provide care throughout your high-risk pregnancy.
  • The care roadmap personalized for you and your baby, allowing you to know in advance what to expect to make the process easier for your high-risk birth.
  • Modern tools added for your convenience, including a personalized webpage, an online appointment calendar and a new uploadable glucose monitoring tool.
  • A diabetes coordinator who will help assist you throughout your high-risk pregnancy.

Our High-Risk OB CareConnect program is designed to keep you informed, involved, empowered and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

A Team of MultiCare Specialists Working Together

When you face special challenges in your pregnancy, you want the best possible care from top doctors. Together with your MultiCare OB provider, our High-Risk OB CareConnect team of dedicated MultiCare specialists are board certified and committed to providing you with outstanding care and a positive experience.

Your team of experts will include MultiCare Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, diabetic experts, nutritionists, pediatric cardiologists, ophthalmologists and neonatologists who will be working with your obstetrician to provide care throughout your high-risk pregnancy.

It's All About You and Your Baby

MultiCare is a Center of Excellence for high-risk pregnancies.

Every step of the way, your High-Risk OB CareConnect team will be there for you and your developing baby with high-quality, collaborative medical care, classes and special services, plus the full resources of MultiCare Health System. These include our secure MyChart electronic health record for safer, more coordinated care; a Level IIIB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital; a Level II Special Care Nursery at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital; and the added resources of a prenatal diagnosis center, genetic counseling and other specialized resources that are part of MultiCare’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Centers.

You’ll also have the assurance of knowing that at MultiCare — like no other health system in the area — you will benefit from the combined resources of expert MultiCare OB providers along with the pediatric specialization and resources of MultiCare Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

MultiCare is dedicated to providing the best possible care to a mother’s health and that of her family. To learn more about our High-Risk OB CareConnect program, please call your MultiCare OB/GYN office.

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