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Effective Ways to Manage Behavior & Increase Functional Outcomes

4/26/2013 - 4/27/2013

Effective Ways to Manage Behavior and Increase Functional Outcomes in Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

April 26 – 27, 2013

Course Description:

Effectively treat children with sensory based problems and general behavior problems using a new approach that combines sensory integration and behavioral techniques to proactively address interfering behaviors and strengthen social skills and learning. This hands-on lab course emphasizes practical scientific based strategies involving handling, play, art, music, and movement activities. This new approach synthesizes Sensory Integration, Behavioral, NDT, NeuroPsychology, Sensory Massage, and Trager Body Work. Participants are armed with numerous strategies that can be implemented immediately with children who have general behavioral problems, emotional problems, Autism, Asperger’s, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Conduct Disorder,or a history of abuse/neglect. All participants receive Dr. Pagano’s recently published FAB Environmental Adaptation, Firm Pressure Progression, Handling, and Activity Strategies and learn to individualize them for varied clients.

This course is designed for physical, occupational and speech therapists, assistants, special educators, psychologists and other professionals seeking to improve functional outcomes with children ages 1 through 21.

Course Objectives:

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:
• Assess and differentiate sensory integration and behavioral problems in infants, children and adolescents.
• Develop individualized FAB Deep Pressure Progression, Handling and Activity Strategies for reaching your client’s goals.
• Implement effective strategies for managing behavior problems (e.g., inattention, screaming, kicking, biting and violence) during individual and small group treatment sessions.
• Develop individualized environmental adaptations (e.g. sensory areas) in school, home, clinic, OPD and hospital settings that promote self-control and learning in infants, children, and adolescents with developmental disabilities.
• Utilize new handling, play, music, movement, and art activities that address client’s combined behavioral, developmental, and sensory processing challenges.

What others are saying:

“This course is excellent and should be encouraged for SLP's.”
Michelle Scotto-Fischetti, SLP

“Dr. Pagano is an excellent speaker who shared his wealth of knowledge from years of research and experiences. I feel that I am coming away with a lot more tools in my toolbox, and I will be able to implement them immediately. Thank You!”
Karrie Olick, Occupational Therapy

“John is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, learning from others, and helping everyone problem solve. This is a great course taught by a gifted instructor who is an asset to our profession.
Teresa Santaniello, Physical Therapist

“John is an animated and high energy, very down-to-earth and extremely relatable. He is a book learned professional who, refreshingly, practices what he preaches.
Kathleen Borneman, Occupational Therapist


Dr. John Pagano

Dr. John Pagano is renowned for his ability to share his wealth of practical knowledge gleaned from his experience as a pediatric occupational therapist in a variety of settings, including birth-to-three, sensory integration clinic, pre-school, school, group home, and psychiatric children’s hospital settings. Course participants often comment on Dr. Pagano’s unique ability to make complex research information practical and meaningful. He is certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment for children and infants, Co-counseling, and Early Childhood Mental Health, with advanced training in Sensory Integration, behavior modification, Sensory Massage for Autism, and Trager Body Work. He presents internationally, maintains a full time clinical occupational therapy practice specializing in intervention for children with severe behavioral and Autism Spectrum challenges, and publishes extensively on the practical implications of transdisciplinary research. Dr. Pagano holds a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University, M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education, from Southern Connecticut State University and Ph.D. from the School of Human Development & Marriage and Family Therapy at The University of Connecticut.

John Pagano receives a honorarium from Education Resources. He has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.


$425 fee. Deadline for registration is two weeks prior to course. Cancellation will be accepted until that deadline, minus an administration fee of $75. NO REFUNDS AFTER DEADLINE.

Please make check payable and return to:

Education Resources, Inc.

266 Main St., Suite 12 • Medfield, MA 02052

(508) 359-6533 or 800-487-6530 (outside MA)

FAX (508) 359-2959 •

Limited enrollment

Presented By:

Children’s Therapy Unit, 402 15th Ave. S.E. Puyallup, WA 98372, Contact, Normajean McClure - Education Coordinator, 253-697-5225

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Education Resources reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient registration or extenuating circumstances. Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until you have called us and received confirmation that the course will be held. We are not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants if the course must be cancelled.



Dates and Locations

4/26/2013 - 4/27/2013
Children's Therapy Unit
402 15th Ave. S.E.
Puyallup, WA 98372

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