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  • Get in Shape with the Biggest Winner Series

    This twelve week program includes before and after health assessments, individual sessions with a Biggest Winner Series LogoRegistered Dietitian and Health and Wellness Coach, nutrition and fitness classes, a twelve week exercise program at the YMCA, and lots of encouragement along the way! Books and materials are provided and prizes are awarded for Biggest Winners.

    Biggest Winner Series Gig Harbor

    App. Deadline: Monday, March 1
    Program Start Date: Monday, March 22

    Program Details:
    Location: Gig Harbor
    Nutrition Classes: Mondays at 6pm
    Group Workouts: TBD
    Program End Date: Monday, June 14

    Biggest Winner Series Puyallup

    App. Deadline: Thursday, February 25
    Program Start Date: Tuesday, March 16

    Program Details:
    Location: Puyallup
    Nutrition Classes: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
    Group Workouts: Tuesdays at 7:45pm
    Program End Date: Tuesday, June 1

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