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Dally Tower Art Collection

Ringer, Interconnected by Ulrich Pakkerprevnextview all

Ringer, Interconnected by Ulrich Pakker

Fabricated Stainless Steel with Bronze Ring
Community Garden

Drawing inspiration from the joining together of different metals (stainless steel and bronze), this work illustrates the bond we have with those we care for. The sculpture’s two components are linked together, like one hand in another, to invoke connections between human beings. By choosing robust, permanent metals, Pakker underscores how personal bonds strengthen each of us.

Eye of the Beholder, V by James Kelseyprevnextview all

Eye of the Beholder, V by James Kelsey

Fabricated Silicon Bronze (with Stainless Steel Base)
Labyrinth Garden

Fifth in a series on the nature of beauty, this sculpture incorporates three elements with a healing nature: earth, wind and fire. The sculpture’s curvilinear shapes suggest well-worn stones along a creek. Touching their smooth, cool surfaces puts the mind at ease. Viewers are invited to linger, take in the beauty of the sculpture and its Labyrinth Garden site and refresh their spirits.

Mountain Brook by Douglas Granumprevnextview all

Mountain Brook by Douglas Granum

White granite base, Dark Green Jadeite-like Stone Table Base, Basalt Column—Fountain
Samaritan Garden

The melodious sound of a mountain brook, purling gently through rocks, distinguishes this fountain in the Samaritan Garden. It incorporates a feeling of decisive forward momentum that is intended to inspire the viewer to move ahead with faith and courage.

Cherry Blossom Air, Springtime Blossoms, Rowan Tree by Cody Blombergprevnextview all

Cherry Blossom Air, Springtime Blossoms, Rowan Tree by Cody Blomberg

Acrylic on canvas
1st Floor Ceiling Vault/3rd Floor Ceiling Vault

Although the artist’s influences have ranged from the bold style of the German Expressionists to the soft, colorful hues of the Impressionists, these paintings of cherry blossoms and a rowan tree were inspired by the light and airy Japanese silk painting tradition.

More Than a Day's Journey by Allison Collinsprevnextview all

More Than a Day's Journey by Allison Collins

Oil on canvas
Emergency Department Security Desk

Inspired by the contours of the land and the simple sky, this painting was created with the application of successive layers of paint, some adding, some subtracting visual details that are both abstract and literal. The painting that emerges, layer by layer, is a crazy quilt of color and lines, cultivated farmland, hills and valleys, and sunshine and shadows.

One Sunny Morning by Joyce Gehlprevnextview all

One Sunny Morning by Joyce Gehl

Photoencaustic on wood
2nd Floor Surgery Waiting, East Wall

A flower may be delicate and fleeting, but through art it can mark a threshold to a new place or a door to another world. These three works, which are inspired by the artist’s love for the natural world, bring viewers home to their own backyards and remind them of just how important that familiar world can be.

Morning Stillness by David Martyprevnextview all

Morning Stillness by David Marty

Oil on canvas
2nd Floor Surgery Waiting, West Wall

This landscape is typical of rural Western Washington: a cluster of farm buildings. The painting is distinguished, however, by the way in which it captures the morning fog and softly diffused trees, conveying a feeling of calm and stillness. The artist’s goal is to share a sense of peace and tranquility through his paintings of rural scenes.

Quiet Moment by Sandra Mossprevnextview all

Quiet Moment by Sandra Moss

2nd Floor Surgery Waiting, South Wall

First light often paints spectacular reflections on calm waters that soon disappear as the morning unfolds. In this image, captured in early morning, a bird enjoys a quiet moment before the rest of the flock arrives.

Mirrored Murrelets by Joseph Rossanoprevnextview all

Mirrored Murrelets by Joseph Rossano

Blown-glass birds with internal mirrored coating
3rd Floor Express, Reception Niche

These two works highlight the effect of forestry on the marbled murrelet, a small sea bird that nests primarily in the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. The mirrored-glass birds in this installation reflect the viewer’s image, symbolically suggesting the impact of humans on the environment.

The Presence II by Barbara Lee Smithprevnextview all

The Presence II by Barbara Lee Smith

Mixed media textile, synthetic material, painted, fused and stitched
5th Floor Lobby

The artist was inspired to create this mixed-media work by a walk near Mt. Rainier when alpine wildflowers were at their best. It draws from the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s water, sky and woods, and from the light, which ranges from high and gray in
the winter to warm and very direct in the summer. Her aim in this work is to inspire hope and strength for patients, their families and all their caretakers
at this hospital.

Mt. Rainier in August by Rongxu Longprevnextview all

Mt. Rainier in August by Rongxu Long

Oil on canvas
6th Floor Lobby

In this landscape the artist depicts a peaceful early-evening scene. Golden weeds undulate in the breeze like the incoming tide. Mount Rainier, covered with snow, appears on the horizon. The moon rises in the sky.

Teaser, Walker, Hungry Hikers, Goats, Moon Snack, and Icicle Creek by Michael Fergusonprevnextview all

Teaser, Walker, Hungry Hikers, Goats, Moon Snack, and Icicle Creek by Michael Ferguson

Acrylic on board
3rd Floor Express, Across From Seating

In paintings that reflect a balance here between straight representation and a dreamy, playful feeling, the artist allows “accurate” depiction to take a back seat to story-telling. Here the viewer can see depicted the simple tasks and activities that define our days, including hiking, kids playing, walking on the beach, and eating.