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Dementia Services Video


Good Samaritan Behavioral Health’s Eldercare Services are designed to help reduce caregiver stress, increase knowledge about the dementia process and skills to care for challenging behaviors, improve health and well-being of the family.

Ryan - ENRICH Program Participant

Auntie Anne's Worker

Ryan has been working at Auntie Anne’s in the South Hill Mall for 2 years. Every Friday, from 12-4pm, he’s talking to shoppers walking by, handing out pretzel samples. Ryan suffers from seizures, so he must have someone with him at all times. But that hasn’t stopped him from getting a job doing something he enjoys. His vocational aid, Rebecca from the ENRICH Program, says, “He likes seeing all the people. He likes joking, teasing, working with his co-workers. He likes working, having that responsibility.”

If you ask Ryan, he says the best part is, “I get paid.”

 - Ryan, ENRICH Program Participant

Vicki - PACT Program Graduate

PACT - Vicki w Certificate

Vicky is a graduate of the Good Samaritan PACT program. For anyone struggling with depression or mental illness, Vicky offers this advice:

“There’s always hope. Be patient with yourself. You may fall back a little, but it will get better. And take to heart what your counselor says, because they have your best interests at heart and they are there to help you progress.

 - Vicki, PACT Program Graduate

Obed & Marilyn - Older Adult Services Participants

The most important thing that Obed wants people to know is:

 “I got help. She got help. There are good people out there that are willing to help you. Someone will see this and know they are not alone. They can get help too.”

 - Obed, Older Adult Services Patient