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Pregnancy and Newborn Care

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Coordinated Care for Mom and Baby


Are you considering becoming pregnant and looking for a physician or searching for a trusted hospital for your special delivery? Our trusted experts are focused on two things – you and your baby. From our OB/GYNs, Nurse-Midwives and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists to MultiCare Family Birth Centers and the region’s largest Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, you have peace of mind that everything you may need is right here at MultiCare.

You'll benefit from the choice of OB care that fits your life, on-going support for you and your baby, online tools and resources, and most importantly, the expertise of our advanced care, perinatal and neonatal specialists and leading facilities.

Be sure to check out two of MultiCare's latest programs:

OB CareConnect

High-Risk OB CareConnect

Pregnant OB in AsiaWhat happens when an OB doctor gets pregnant? Well, she certainly doesn't deliver her own baby, writes Sarah Chen, MD, who recently joined our MultiCare team.

The Pregnant OB Blog

39 Weeks of Pregnancy Video

This March of Dimes public service announcement, sponsored by MultiCare, stresses the importance of waiting to schedule your delivery until at least 39 weeks out so that you and your baby are healthy.

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Download The Girl Stuff Guidebook today for answers to your questions on everything from midwifery and birth center options to virtual OB visits, high-risk pregnancies and more.

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