MultiCare Health System

1 - Ooh-La-Laprevnextview all

1 - Ooh-La-La

Designer:  Julie Lund, Brittany Lund

Sponsor: Skanska USA Building, Inc.

2 - Monet's Gardenprevnextview all

2 - Monet's Garden

Designer:  Calla Lily Designs

Sponsor:  Healthcare Realty

3 - Relax, Recline, and Unwindprevnextview all

3 - Relax, Recline, and Unwind

Designer:  Colleen Mead

Sponsor:  TAPCO Credit Union

4 - Here Comes Santaprevnextview all

4 - Here Comes Santa

Designer:  Jennifer Gould, Courtney Pugh, Ron Thornton

Sponsor:  Puget Sound Energy

5 - Eat, Drink, & Be Merryprevnextview all

5 - Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Designer:  Alexandra Weeks, Ken Wang

Sponsor:  The Weeks and Wang Family with special thanks to Tacoma Emergency Care Physicians

6 - Jewels of the Nileprevnextview all

6 - Jewels of the Nile

Designer:  The Esther Hodges Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  TEMCO and Walgreens-OptionCare

7 - Tis' the Season to...Shop Around Townprevnextview all

7 - Tis' the Season to...Shop Around Town

Designer:  Pam Hendrickson, Meaghan Niesz, Autumn Niesz

Sponsor:  Tacoma Screw Products

8 - Nature's Joyprevnextview all

8 - Nature's Joy

Designer:  Mary Carlisle, Kati Rohrbacher

Sponsor:  Hermanson Company LLP/Patriot Fire Protection, Inc./Rushforth Construction Company, Inc./Tacoma Plumbing and Heating

9 - Time for Christmasprevnextview all

9 - Time for Christmas

Designer:  Barbara Cooper

Sponsor:  Regence BlueShield

10 - Decorate the Seasonprevnextview all

10 - Decorate the Season

Designer:  Liz MacGowan, Laurie Maus for Dotha McCormick Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  The Harmon Brewery and The Hub Restaurant

11 - Colors of a Northwest Holidayprevnextview all

11 - Colors of a Northwest Holiday

Designer:  Liz McGowan, Laurie Maus for Dotha McCormick Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  Mt. View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory

12 - Global Diningprevnextview all

12 - Global Dining

Designer:  Gina Crosslin, Bethlyn Sabotka for Chambers Creek Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics West, Inc.

13 - Puttin' on the Glitzprevnextview all

13 - Puttin' on the Glitz

Designer:  Lisa Bakken, Chtristine Buchalski, Laurie Moss, Kelli Shepherd

Sponsor:  Skaar Construction Inc.

14 - Un-Silent Nightprevnextview all

14 - Un-Silent Night

Designer:  Stacy Kahler

Sponsor:  Columbia Bank

15 - Cruise Roche Harbor on Sea-Doosprevnextview all

15 - Cruise Roche Harbor on Sea-Doos

Designer:  Kathy Strom

Sponsor:  Associated Petroleum Products, Inc.

16 -  Baby It's Cold Outsideprevnextview all

16 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Designer:  Dawn Fast, Mary Bridge Emergency Department Staff

Sponsor:  Gordon Thomas Honeywell, LLP and Mary Bridge Emergency Department and Staff

17 - It's All Fun & Gamesprevnextview all

17 - It's All Fun & Games

Designer:  Ashley Fuchs, Wendy Allan

Sponsor:  Tully's Coffee

18 - Bella Romanticoprevnextview all

18 - Bella Romantico

Designer:  Festival of Trees Past Event Chairs

Sponsor:  Tacoma Orthopedic Association

19 - Holiday Inspired by Givernyprevnextview all

19 - Holiday Inspired by Giverny

Designer:  Sylvie Hillsberg

Sponsor:  Kay Parks/Dan Meyer Auto Rebuild, Inc and The Lobster Shop

20 - It's SNOW WONDERprevnextview all


Designer:  Diane Pease, Beverly Strodtz, Karshner Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  McCallum License Agency, Inc.

21 - The Topsy Turvy Treeprevnextview all

21 - The Topsy Turvy Tree

Designer:  Andrea Smith, Sarah Howard

Sponsor:  Wells Fargo Bank

22 - Whiskey, Wool and Golfprevnextview all

22 - Whiskey, Wool and Golf

Designers:  Tricia Tadie, Wendy Holcomb

Sponsor:  Morton McGoldrick, P.S.

23 - Bettin' on a Cool Yuleprevnextview all

23 - Bettin' on a Cool Yule

Designer:  Rich and Kate Johnson

Sponsor:  Friend of Festival

24 - Angel Melodyprevnextview all

24 - Angel Melody

Designer:  Sylvie Hillsberg

Sponsor:  First Choice Health

25 - A Long Wished for Spotprevnextview all

25 - A Long Wished for Spot

Designer:  Tammy Hall, Christy Lineweaver and Tanja Bishop for the Dr. Edward Rich Guild

Sponsor:  Friend of Festival

26 - Heading Homeprevnextview all

26 - Heading Home

Designer:  Jill Squires, Patty Ferguson

Sponsor:  Gregory J. Plancich, DDS;  B.H. Williams, DDS

27 - Winter Flight of Fancyprevnextview all

27 - Winter Flight of Fancy

Designer:  Laura Rex Straight

Sponsor:  Friend of Festival

28 - Sweet Dreamsprevnextview all

28 - Sweet Dreams

Designer:  Laura George

Sponsor:  Wold Enterprises/Theater One

29 - A Glimpse Through the Looking Glassprevnextview all

29 - A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

Designer:  Lauren Molinaro, Whitney Jensen

Sponsor:  Harbor Pediatrics

30 - Time for Joyprevnextview all

30 - Time for Joy

Designer:  Shelly and Tiffany Speir

Sponsor:  Pierce County Members of the Washington State Association for Justice

31 - Dazzle-Saurusprevnextview all

31 - Dazzle-Saurus

Designer:  Sheldon and Patricia Arkin

Sponsor:  Abbott Construction; Giffin Bolte Jurgens Architects

32 - Artist-Treeprevnextview all

32 - Artist-Tree

Designer:  Lynn Farren, Mary Preston

Sponsor:  The Neeb Family Foundation / Rush Hannula, Harkins & Kyler / Board Members of The Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society

33 - Elf Extravaganzaprevnextview all

33 - Elf Extravaganza

Designer:  Terese Tveten-High, Charlene Richardson

Sponsor:  Northrop Grumman

34 - Defenders of Christmasprevnextview all

34 - Defenders of Christmas

Designer:  Vicki Dyer, Terrance Adams, Jeff Ross

Sponsor:  Propel Insurance / Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

35 - Escaping the Cold Northwest Winterprevnextview all

35 - Escaping the Cold Northwest Winter

Designer:  Lynn Grubbs, Vicki LeMay

Sponsor:  Vicki and Norm LeMay

36 -  Olde Time Joyprevnextview all

36 - Olde Time Joy

Designer:  ADK Sorority Zeta Chapter, Dolly Hale, Becky Kristovich

Sponsor:  Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, P.C.

37 - Sleepless in Seattleprevnextview all

37 - Sleepless in Seattle

Designer:  Nicole Candland, Natalie Huff

Sponsor:  Tacoma Anesthesia Associates

38 - Home Fires Burningprevnextview all

38 - Home Fires Burning

Designer:  Cindy Lovelace, Terese Tveten-High, assisted by VFW Post 91 and Ladies Auxiliary members

Sponsor:  Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 91 - Tacoma, Washington

39 - It's a Yuzz-a-ma-tuzz Christmasprevnextview all

39 - It's a Yuzz-a-ma-tuzz Christmas

Designer:  Cindy Lovelace, Terese Tveten-High

Sponsor:  Pediatrics Northwest, P.S.

40 -  Sound Full of Joyprevnextview all

40 - Sound Full of Joy

Designer:  Samantha Moon - Harbor Moon Designs, Gig Harbor

Sponsor:  Ben Weymiller, Age 13

40A - Kentucky, Sing Me a Whiskey Lullaby...and Make it Maker's!prevnextview all

40A - Kentucky, Sing Me a Whiskey Lullaby...and Make it Maker's!

Designers:  Hollie Bostrom, Heidi Bostrom, Marguerite Edwards, Olivia Sterud

Sponsor:  Emerald Queen Hotel & Casinos

41 - Don We Now Our Gay Apparelprevnextview all

41 - Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

Designer:  Andrea Moawad, Michael Bowman, Judie Guthrie

Sponsor:  Ed & Madonna Arnold / Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo of  Tacoma

42 - In the Spirit of Givingprevnextview all

42 - In the Spirit of Giving

Designer:  Lisa Anne Viafore Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  Puget Sound Orthopedics

43 - Picture Perfect Christmasprevnextview all

43 - Picture Perfect Christmas

Designer:  TaNeashia Sudds, Lynn Heberholz, Bethany Sexton

Sponsor:  Washington Architectural Hardware / Sound Credit Union

44 - Accessorize Me This Christmas!prevnextview all

44 - Accessorize Me This Christmas!

Designer:  TaNeahsia Sudds, Diamond Sudds

Sponsor:  Lakewood First Lions Club

45 - Joy of Natureprevnextview all

45 - Joy of Nature

Designer:  Jack Rabourn, Farrelli's Staff

Sponsor:  Farrelli's Wood Fire Pizza - Tacoma

46 - Masterpiece...Kids do Artprevnextview all

46 - Masterpiece...Kids do Art

Designer:  Inpatient Pediatric Service at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

Sponsor:  Bennett Bigelow & Leedom, P.S. / Franke Tobey Jones Retirement Estates

47 - A Flurry of Flakes in a Field of Frostprevnextview all

47 - A Flurry of Flakes in a Field of Frost

Designer:  Kelly Wheeler

Sponsor:  Rushforth Construction Company, Inc. / Patriot Fire Protection, Inc. / Hermanson Company, LLP / Tacoma Heating & Plumbing

48 - Tresors de la Mer - Treasures from the Seaprevnextview all

48 - Tresors de la Mer - Treasures from the Sea

Designer:  Madeleine Dion, Georgia Thronson, Holiday Orthopedic Guild

Sponsor:  Rural Metro

49 - It's Beginning to Look a Lodge-Like Christmasprevnextview all

49 - It's Beginning to Look a Lodge-Like Christmas

Designer:  Jennifer Kelpman, Sarah Officer, Mary Muri

Sponsor:  Parsons Construction

50 - Down by the Seaside...prevnextview all

50 - Down by the Seaside...

Designer:  Shelly and Duncan McAlpine

Sponsor:  AT&T

51 - Christmas Under the Starsprevnextview all

51 - Christmas Under the Stars

Designer:  Celesta Smith

Sponsor:  Friend of Festival

52 - A Holiday Champagne Toastprevnextview all

52 - A Holiday Champagne Toast

Designer:  Denise Firman, Brynne Jackson

Sponsor:  IKEA Home Furnishings

53 - Gift of Givingprevnextview all

53 - Gift of Giving

Designer:  PICU Staff

Sponsor:  NorthWest Children's Heart Care / Pediatrix Critical Care

54 - Baker's Delightprevnextview all

54 - Baker's Delight

Designer:  International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Northern Pacifici Chapter - South Sound City Center

Sponsor:  Commencement Bank

55 - To Grandmother's House We Goprevnextview all

55 - To Grandmother's House We Go

Designer:  Jeane Ruddy

Sponsor:  Friend of Festival

56 - Joyful Heartsprevnextview all

56 - Joyful Hearts

Designer:  Bertha Fitzer and Dream Team

Sponsor:  Burgess, Fitzer, P.S. / Steve, Bertha, and Fritz Fitzer

57 - The Elegance of Christmasprevnextview all

57 - The Elegance of Christmas

Designer:  Ernie Oulette

Sponsor:  Dr. Douglas J. Knight & Brad and Nancy McPhee

58 - 12 Dazes of Christmasprevnextview all

58 - 12 Dazes of Christmas

Designer:  Hally Phillips, Wendy Huber

Sponsor:  The Baker Foundation

59 - Eiffel Towerprevnextview all

59 - Eiffel Tower

Designer:  Dee Gahan, Mark Christianson

Sponsor:  DaVita

60 - Home Spa Indulgencesprevnextview all

60 - Home Spa Indulgences

Designer:  Jamie Yurina, Cathy Peterson, and Tacoma General NICU staff

Sponsor:  Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.

61 - Happy Harley Holidaysprevnextview all

61 - Happy Harley Holidays

Designer:  Rebecca Wyman, Lisa Huber

Sponsor:  Sound Built Homes / Gary Tucci

62 - Blue Hawaiiprevnextview all

62 - Blue Hawaii

Designer:  Linda Armstrong, Mary Souza, Hyada Park Guild

Sponsor:  Carl and Cindy Stephens

63 - Life is Grand, Babyprevnextview all

63 - Life is Grand, Baby

Designer:  Sarah Bryant Wilcoxen

Sponsor:  Puyallup Tribe of Indians

64 - All I Want for Christmasprevnextview all

64 - All I Want for Christmas

Designer:  Stephanie Clabaugh

Sponsor:  TRA Medical Imaging

65 -  Wynken, Blynken and Nodprevnextview all

65 - Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Designer:  DeeDee Sullivan, Bev Reinvik

Sponsor:  Spanaway Moonshiners Jeep Club

66 -  Golf Greetings from the Pacific Northwestprevnextview all

66 - Golf Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

Designer:  Trixy Dorn, Chelsey Westby on behalf of the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living

Sponsor:  RooPair Specialties, Inc.

67 - A Holiday Homerunprevnextview all

67 - A Holiday Homerun

Designer:  Patti Stacy

Sponsor:  Tacoma Rainiers Professional Baseball

RAFFLE TREE - Heaven & Nature Singsprevnextview all

RAFFLE TREE - Heaven & Nature Sings

Designer:  Louise LaForest and the elves of the Karen J. Lynch Guild

Sponsor:  Kaye-Smith