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MultiCare Surgical Care Center

Advanced Technology

If you ever need surgery, you can rest assured that here, you’re not only in the most capable hands, you’re surrounded by the latest technology. Every element is designed to make your procedure smoother, safer, and more successful — and to allow surgical staff to focus on providing you with the best patient care.

Integrated Touch-Screen And Voice- Activated Operating Room Systems
Using touch-screen technology, a surgical nurse can now adjust the equipment and lighting, raise and lower the temperature, and more. And with voice-activation technology, surgeons can make fine adjustments in the equipment settings.

Surgical Booms
Equipment mounted on booms is more easily accessible for greater efficiency, and is a hallmark of the nation’s most advanced operating rooms.

Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS)
With this technology embedded in the operating suites, MRIs, X-ray films and other diagnostic images can now be quickly and efficiently accessed, including valuable real-time views of the procedure in progress.

Individually Controlled Operating Environments
Every patient, every procedure is unique. That’s why each operating suite is designed with its own highly advanced heating and cooling system. It gives surgical teams the flexibility to optimize the suite temperature from 60 to 90 degrees on a minute-by-minute basis.