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Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST) for Clinical Staff

9/26/2013 8:00am - 12:00pm

Learn the fetal Non-stress test basics. The purpose of this hands-on course is to become familiar with equipment use and placement, tracings and appropriate actions for abnormal tracings. Additional training on interpretation and interventions are included for the Registered Nurse.

Hour 1-3 of course will include an initial dictactive (lecture) for all participants, followed by skills station hands-on equipment review, Leopold maneuver training for correct ultrasound and tocometer placement and  equipment trouble-shooting. Participants will then practice NST skills on live pregnant patient models for application of learned techniques.

The last hour of this course is for Registered Nurses only where the focus will be on interpretation of NST results and interventions needed for abnormal test results. Scope of practice and role of the Registered Nurse will be covered.

Intended Audience: Clinical staff, Medical Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the purpose of NST and identify patient candidates for NSt
  • Demonstrate equipment use, proper application and troubleshooting
  • Differentiate between fetal heart rate and contraction tracings
  • Identify actions for abnormal tracings
  • Describe patient education for NST and documentation
  • Identify appropriate nursing interventions for given case studies and tracings (for RNs only)

When to Attend
:Those new to OB clinic setting, those needing a review of NST procedure, trouble-shooting and (RN ONLY) interpretation and interventions for abnormal test results.

*8:00am - 11:00am (MAs and LPNs)
 8:00am - 12:00pm (RNs)

Featured Speakers:
Dorothy Cozakos, RN
Manager Women's Health/Wellness Center
MultiCare Gig Harbor Medical Park

Susan Bishop, RNC-OB, MN
Perinatal Outreach Coordinator
MultiCare Regional Perinatal Outreach Program





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Dates and Locations

9/26/2013 8:00am - 12:00pm
MultICare Kent Clinic
222 State Avenue N.
3rd Floor Conference Room
Kent, WA 98030

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Deborah Hopkins