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Advanced Surgeries

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Open-heart surgery is performed in the state's most technologically advanced surgical facility at Tacoma AH ORGeneral Hospital, by surgeons who are nationally recognized as being among the best in their field. They are assisted by highly skilled and experienced surgical teams that perform more than 450 open-heart surgeries every year. Thanks to their expertise, our cardiac outcomes are among the best in the nation.

Coronary Bypass Surgery
When the arteries that supply the heart are severely blocked, bypass surgery is often the best option. Sections of a vein, usually taken from the patient's leg, are grafted onto the blocked vessels to restore full blood flow to the heart.

Valve Surgery
Damaged valves within the heart can impair its ability to pump blood. Damaged heart valves can be fixed surgically, or if necessary, replaced with new valves made of animal tissue or synthetic materials.  

The On-X Valve Clinical Trial
MultiCare is taking part in the PROACT On-X® low-dose anticoagulation trial, a multiyear study to determine if using On-X® mechanical heart valves can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for Coumadin.

MultiCare was one of the first health systems to join the trial in 2006, is the only system in Washington involved in this important research, and remains the most active trial site in the country. All patients who come to MultiCare for a mechanical valve replacement are screened for participation; study participants are closely monitored and evaluated for five years from the date of their surgery.

For more information about the study, click here, or call Janey Barnhart, RN, at 253-403-7258.

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