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Tacoma Family Medicine

Current Residents

first Year Residents

Ashley Bieker, MD

Home Town: Gig Harbor, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington, Seattle

Why Tacoma?

I chose TFM because I knew it would provide me with the rigorous broad-spectrum training I needed to become a skilled and effective family doctor. Two pillars of family medicine are taught particularly well here, obstetrics and pediatrics, with dedicated faculty and a specialty hospital, respectively. I liked the fact that we are the only residency on campus, which means no competition from other residents – only collaboration with community providers! I was also very excited about the solid behavioral health component of the program that aims to help both patients and residents thrive. To top it all off, the resident and faculty physicians here are exemplary role models who also know just when you need a hug or a laugh. TFM is becoming my second family, and I can’t imagine training anywhere else.


Maurine Cobabe, MD

Home Town: Tokyo, Japan

Medical School: CCLCM of CWRU

Why Tacoma?

I love the passion for broad-spectrum, evidence based family medicine that everyone at Tacoma Family Medicine displays. The residents I met at TFM are smart, hard-working, and are all kind and have good senses of humor. The Tacoma area also has a nice balance of all the things I enjoy - a wide range of outdoor activities, as well as access to good food and fine arts. I am so lucky that my husband's job in the military helped me find such a fantastic place to train!

Maurine Cobabe

Kelly DeMeyer-Coursey, MD

Home Town: Clarkston, WA

Medical School: Creighton University

Why Tacoma?

TFM, for me, had everything I wanted out of a residency. Tacoma is big without feeling overwhelming. The residents were beyond inviting when I interviewed with them. The program is well-rounded and I truly believe I'll be able to practice anywhere after my training here, be it urban, rural, or somewhere in between. Perhaps one of the biggest draws, though, was the ability to choose a site for a rural rotation one month out of every year. No other family medicine program I interviewed with offered this kind of freedom to an intern! Lastly, after living in Omaha, NE for 4 years, I'm more than happy to set my feet back on Washington soil. The Pacific Northwest is home, and I am beyond lucky to end up back here. 

Kelly DeMeyer-Coursey

Erin Hunt, MD

Home Town: Portland, OR

Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago

Why Tacoma?

I came to TFM for multiple reasons. First, I was impressed with the quality of residents, attendings, and the culture of learning encompassing the residency program. We are truly expected to be bright, curious, be the best we can be and nurture our lives outside of medicine as well. Also, after my interview I came home and felt as though I could easily work with this family of people and feel supported by them in my learning. And I was right! Additionally, I love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with all of the opportunities to be on the water or in the mountains and be close to family.

Erin Hunt

Ravi Kalwani, MD

Home Town: Warminster, Pennsylvania

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

I came to TFM because of the passionate faculty and residents who want to give good quality care to their patients along with work for justice in medicine and have fun while doing it. I think Tacoma is a great place to practice because there's a wonderful sense of community here and people seem to be sincerely friendly and care about each other. I am excited for my training and hope to get as much as possible out of the experience.

Ravi Kalwani

Erin Locke, MD

Home Town: WaKeeney, Kansas

Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita

Why Tacoma?

I chose Tacoma Family Medicine because I had a strong feeling that it was the best place for me. I was looking for a medium-sized program with a rural focus that would provide me with the skills for any situation I might encounter in my future practice. In TFM I found a patient-centered clinic, OB/GYN faculty who are dedicated to teaching, unopposed adult and pediatric hospitals, and collegial residents and faculty. In addition, the culture and affordability of Tacoma, proximity to the mountains and to Seattle, and the beautiful summer weather make it an ideal location in which to train!

Erin Locke

Rebecca Mandell, MD

Home Town: Bellevue, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

I was initially drawn to the unique combination of offerings at TFM with its extensive obstetrics training, top-notch pediatric hospital, and opportunities to work in both underserved and rural communities. I was excited to find all of this so close to home in Tacoma! Furthermore, I was impressed by the culture of family medicine in Tacoma and at MultiCare. However, the best part of TFM is really the people -- a dedicated faculty and dynamic group of residents who inspire me to be my best and also support a comfortable and stimulating learning environment. To top it all off, my husband, dog, and I have had a great time exploring the south sound's beaches, farmer's markets, and nearby hiking trails.

Rebecca Mandell

Anna Maria Pletz, MD

Home Town: Seattle, WA

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

TFM topped my list for a myriad of reasons! The program itself offers excellent broad-spectrum training, including a phenomenal education in obstetrics and pediatrics that is often difficult to come by in Family Medicine residency. The people here – the residents, fellows, faculty, nurses, other staff – are supportive, respectful, fun, constantly seeking to do the best by patients in every circumstance, with a down-to-earth and proactive approach that inspires me daily. TFM continues to live out its multi-generational legacy of producing: well-rounded, compassionate family physicians who can work anywhere, from urban inner-city to rural countryside, resource-rich or –poor; as well as leaders active in health care policy and education. In addition, Tacoma itself is a hidden gem, humbly nestled in the midst of spectacular mountains and seaside and so offering immediate access to the best of the NW outdoors, while also demonstrating a culture of warmth and community engagement.

We would love to meet you!

Anna Maria Pletz

Second Year Residents

Erica Barrows-Nees, MD

Home Town: Evanston, WY

Medical School:University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

As a sub-intern, I found out quickly that TFM had strong training in pediatrics, obstetrics, and had opportunities for procedural training. This made it a great fit for my career goals of full-spectrum rural family medicine. Although the curriculum is excellent, the thing that really sold me on TFM was the people. Tacoma Family Medicine residents and faculty are motivated to care for our underserved clinic population and for rural underserved populations. I consistently saw ways in which residents cared for each other, and was inspired by the ways they spoke positively about their patients and colleagues. After seeing all of that, it was clear where I wanted to go for residency! Tacoma as a city is also a great place to live. My husband and I have loved the proximity to both Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier, as well as the opportunity to explore a city filled with exciting new restaurants and hangouts.


William Bowen, MD

Home Town: Chappaqua, New York

Medical School: University of Rochester

Why Tacoma?

I came to TFM because the culture of family medicine is so strong here and everybody truly believes in the good they are doing on a daily basis. Graduates seem prepared to go anywhere and plug into any type of practice. The residents are very intelligent and work really hard, but are also genuinely nice, down to earth, and fun. I am having a blast learning as a new doctor, exploring the city of Tacoma and the natural beauty of the Pacific NW, and meeting so many wonderful new people.


Megan Bright, MD

Home Town: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Why Tacoma?

When I started looking at programs, I was eager to try a new area of the country and I knew that I would find great programs in the Northwest. TFM had everything I was looking for- great obstetrics, pediatrics and procedures training in an urban community hospital, as well as outstanding faculty and residents. In addition, I am loving Tacoma and all that it has to offer. My significant other, our two dogs and I all agree that it was well worth the cross-country move!


Adrienne Cygnar, MD

Home Town:  New Brighton, MN

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Why Tacoma?

I was impressed by the depth and breadth of interests and areas of expertise I saw from the faculty during my interview day, and have since found all my attending physicians and supervisory staff to be driven to help us develop both a strong knowledge base and a humanistic approach to the care of others. I am pleased with the opportunities we have for obstetric care, service to the underserved, and ownership of a dedicated patient population from day one. Hailing from the Midwest, the climate and topography of the Pacific Northwest also appealed to my husband and me as we looked forward trying something new and different for the three years of residency. Outside of the hospital and clinic, I enjoy participating in local running events, exploring my new surroundings, spending time with my fabulous classmates, and taking care of my pesky tabby cats.


Kayla Luhrs, MD

Home Town: Ketchikan, Alaska

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

When choosing a residency program, I actually started by imagining my future practice. For me, this is set in rural Alaska, where I have lived my entire life. Tacoma has an outstanding track record of training full-spectrum family physicians and sending them to rural locations to practice. The home-base of our TFM residency is at Tacoma General where we are unopposed, but we also have the privilege of spending 3 months in rural or urban underserved communities, with possibilities from Alaska to Africa. Lastly, I was drawn to the individual strengths of each of the faculty members who make Tacoma a strong, yet dynamic, well-rounded program that will prepare me to accomplish my goals. The mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and stand-up paddle boarding are just an added bonus.


Deeanna Maughan, MD

Home Town: Tulalip, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington, School of Medicine

Why Tacoma?

I chose TFM because I wanted to work with an urban underserved population while also having the chance to dip my feet into rural medicine during an away rotation month each year. Our relationship with the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority also makes it easy for me to explore my interests in Native American healthcare. I love that Tacoma General is a large, well supported hospital and yet only has residents in family medicine. I am also lucky to have such amazing and supportive colleagues and faculty and to continue to live in the ever beautiful and green Pacific Northwest.


Lindsay Newlon, MD

Home Town: Bainbridge Island, Washington

Medical School: New York Medical College

Why Tacoma?

After spending many years on the east coast for undergrad and medical school, I wanted to return to the Pacific Northwest for residency. There were a lot of programs to choose from in the region, but TFM felt like a great fit. I am a small-town girl at heart, and hope to practice in a rural setting someday. TFM offered the opportunity to learn in a city with great patient diversity for exposure to a wide range of social and medical problems, while still experiencing rural practices every year. During my interview, I was also inspired by the enthusiasm,compassion, and intelligence of all the faculty and residents I met. Additionally, I'm thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest where I can continue exploring the mountains and waterways, and go on strolls with my dog at Point Defiance!


Kate Wertin, MD

Home Town: Lakewood, Colorado

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

I chose to interview at TFM because of the program strength, particularly in OB and Peds, and the warm welcome my partner and I received from the residents and faculty made us feel at home in the residency program.


Third Year Residents

Blake Bond, MD

Home Town: St. Louis, MO

Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center- College of Medicine

Why Tacoma?

In perusing the possibilities for residency, I sought an academically-sound community based program where I could learn to practice full-scope family medicine among the underserved from faculty who are passionate for and compassionate towards these same patients; I found it at TFM. Combined with incredible OB and Peds training, this strong program paired perfectly with my palate's predilection for pour-over coffee.


Kristin Bond, MD

Home Town: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami, FL

Medical School: Texas A&M University

Why Tacoma?

I wanted a residency program that would offer full-scope family practice, including strong OB and pediatrics training, and that also had emphasis on urban underserved populations. When I came for a second look, I was blown away by the degree of compassion and humanism demonstrated by both the residents and the faculty as they cared for their patients and I knew that by coming to Tacoma I would be surrounding myself with people who embodied those qualities. My husband and I love the outdoors and have made ourselves right at home in the Northwest - I can't imagine a better place to be!


Jessica Bryant, MD

Home Town: Albuquerque, NM

Medical School: University of New Mexico

Why Tacoma?

I temporarily left behind the Sandias and the desert sunshine for the Puget Sound! I choose Tacoma for the full-spectrum, community oriented approach to family medicine with a focus on under served communities, pediatric care and OB training. My interests include under-served and marginalized populations, international medicine, family planning, and adolescent medicine. Outside of medicine I enjoy running, yoga, tango and salsa dancing. Since my arrival in the Northwest, I appreciate the Tacoma skyline with the beautiful Mount Rainier in the background and I have become a Seattle Sounders Soccer fan!


Makristy Caratao, MD

Home Town: Bellvue, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma?

I'm excited to be part of this residency situated in the beautiful and unique Northwest. TFM values service to the community, teamwork, and both the science and art of practicing primary care medicine. The faculty are top-notch educators providing an impressive scope of practice, with unending support for their residents. I hope to continue to build lifelong relationships in caring for my patients of all ages, many with complex needs, but all requiring a familiar face to navigate the current health care system.

Jana Fix, MD

Home Town: Indianapolis, Indiana

Medical School: Indiana University

Why Tacoma?

I was looking for a program that would prepare me for rural and international medicine in a place with lots of access to the outdoors. The OB and Peds training here is outstanding! The faculty are so helpful and love teaching. And I love that I can spend my golden weekends at Mount Rainier or on the Olympic Peninsula!


sara huddleston, md

Home Town: Olympia, WA

Medical School: Loma Linda University

Why Tacoma?

I choose Tacoma initially because I wanted to move back to the Northwest. Tacoma was the first program I interviewed at and I was very impressed with the friendliness of the residents and the staff and the hospital. I felt very welcomed and was able to meet several of the residents who had also gone to Loma Linda and so was able to have that connection. I welcomed the opportunity to move back and be close to family and friends and to have the opportunity to continue to explore this beautiful area and to accomplish one of my goals to climb Mount Rainier!


Stephen Lu, MD

Home Town: Bellvue, Washington

Medical School: University of Maryland

Why Tacoma?

What attracted me to this program is the strong faculty, a reputation of good resident training, the fact that it is an unopposed program, and its commitment to the underserved (both urban and rural). Having grown up in the Pacific-Northwest, it is also an opportunity to move back home and escape from those nasty East Coast summers, Plus, I can finally watch my sports teams on TV. Go Seahawks...Mariners....Huskies....Sonics?


Natalia Mendoza, MD

Home Town: El Paso, TX

Medical School: Columbia Physicians & Surgeons

Why Tacoma?

I plan on practicing full spectrum Family Medicine somewhere more rural than I've ever lived. TFM offers many program components that will prepare me for that: strong OB and Peds training, amazing preceptors, rural and underserved components, caring colleagues, focus on evidence based medicine, and a team mentality. All within the beautiful setting of the Northwest.