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Goal Setting

The process of defining and working toward goals is a popular route to achievement. The purpose of goal setting is to take a large objective and break it down into small tasks that are easy to focus on and accomplish. The success of completing your modest tasks will add up to accomplishing your larger goal.

The objective can be anything: good health, a career change, education, retirement, vacation, spiritual renewal, or any dream you feel is meaningful. The significance of goal setting during your battle with cancer is an obvious one. You are looking to set targets for the future that you are determined to meet.

Achieving short-term goals (getting through treatments) can lead you to have confidence that you will obtain your long-term goals (seeing your kids graduate from college). Your goals don’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes just getting out of bed is task enough for the day.

Sample Short-Term

Short-term goal Measure of normality during treatments & surgery.
Task #1 take a shower & get dressed daily.
Task #2 accomplish my exercise goals.
Task #3 do some housework daily.
Task #4 eat at least 2 times daily.
Task #5 weekly fun event with kids.
Goal completed Dec. 2012, treatments over – I made it!

Sample Mid-Term

Short-term goal Gain strength! Be back to work at least part-time.
Task #1 take vitamins/herbs 3x daily.
Task #2 increase my exercise goals.
Task #3 daily housework. Yard work weekly.
Task #4 gain at least 7 pounds.
Task #5 twice-weekly fun events with kids.
Goal completed Jan. 2001, I did it! Working 30 hrs.

Sample Long-Term

Short-term goal Do all those things I’ve always said I would.
Task #1 help cancer patients cope.
Task #2 see my son graduate from college.
Task #3 redecorate our home.
Task #4 take a long family vacation.
Task #5 maintain a healthy diet.
Goal completed!