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Health Promotion

MultiCare is committed to helping our patients stay healthy and prevent disease. More information on staying healthy can be found at with recommendations for all adults, children, women, and men.

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Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer Screening

For women 52 - 69, having regular mammograms is the single most important way to detect breast cancer. Early detection has been shown to reduce deaths from breast cancer by up to 35%.

How is breast cancer found? (American Cancer Society)

Mammogram in the last two years for women age 52 - 69.

Breast Cancer Screening (HP)

Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening for cervical cancer with Pap smears detects cancer early, allowing for early treatment and helping to prevent deaths from the disease.

Cervical Cancer Prevention and early detection (American Cancer Society.)

Pap smear, done within the last three years for women age 21 - 64.

Cervical Cancer Screening (HP)

Chlamydia Screening

The percentage of women 16 - 25 who were identified as sexually active and who had at least one test for chlamydia during the measurement year.

Chlamydia Screening

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

Cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks and strokes, are leading causes of death and disability for both men and women in the United States. Although some risk factors, such as getting older and family genetics, can't be changed, there are many causes that are in our control and ways that we can reduce our risk for having serious illness. MultiCare wants you to learn more about these risk factors and what you can do to keep yourself healthy.

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention


Pneumococcal vaccination for patients age 65 and over

For older adults, being protected from pneumococcal disease is important to decrease the risk of suffering or dying from pneumonia or meningitis. This vaccine is recommended for all adults over age 64, and for children and adults ages 2 to 64 with various high risk conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. Pneumococcal immunization was a focus for quality improvement in MultiCare during 2007. The graph below displays patients 65 and over who have received one documented pneumococcal vaccine. Data on the other age groups will be displayed at a later date.

More info:

Pneumococcal vaccination for patients age 65 and over (HP)

Influenza vaccination for patients age 65 and over

A flu vaccination each year during flu season (October to March) is recommended for all children ages 6 months to 5 years and adults 50 and over. Individuals over the age of 65 are at especially high risk for serious complications from the flu. The graph below displays the influenza immunization rate for these high risk patients 65 and over.

More info:

Influenza vaccination for patients age 65 and over