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Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is one of the most common joint replacements performed in the United States. Because the joint is so large and gets so much use, it wears down faster than others. Arthritis in the hip can make walking, standing and even sitting uncomfortable. Hip Replacement

The hip can be partially or totally replaced, depending on the extent of damage to the bones. In joint replacement surgery, damaged bone is removed and replaced with metal, plastic or ceramic joints that duplicate the hip function, but without the pain you’re used to.

While many factors, including age, body weight and activity level, contribute to recovery from hip replacement surgery, MultiCare physicians and physical therapists will work with you toward recovery while you’re still in the hospital after surgery. Foot slides, leg lifts and sitting up on the side of your bed activate blood flow to the surgical site, stimulating healing. Your physical therapist will meet with you to set up a plan for mobilizing your hip as much as possible in order to aid your body in recovery.

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