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Joint Replacement

MultiCare specializes in the latest technology, facilities and standards of care to combat the effects of joint disease and injury. Our focus is on helping patients regain mobility and return to active, independent lives.

Joint Replacement Facts

Hips, knees and shoulders are the most common joints that require replacement. They are the largest joint systems in the body, and because they tend to get the most use, they are more susceptible to injury. They’re often affected by disease and also wear down with age.

Many joint replacement patients enjoy activities they formerly thought impossible — everything from a simple walk to extended travel. For some, joint replacement surgery is the start of a whole new life, as it often not only relieves pain, but, combined with rehabilitation, returns patients to many activities they may have given up.

Reasons for Joint Replacement

Arthritis is the most frequent reason for total joint replacement. Joint replacement provides relief from joint pain, stiffness and immobility.

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