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MultiCare Connect: Your electronic health record

Health records can be accessed instantly, safely and securely.

A smarter, safer, more efficient way to provide you with outstanding care

Whether you’re a patient at a hospital or at one of our other South Sound locations, our system-wide Electronic Health Record gives your caregivers instant access to the complete, up-to-date medical information they need to take care of you. The Electronic Health Record offers important benefits:

Safe and Secure

Your entire health record can be accessed instantly, safely and securely on a computer screen when your health care provider needs it—24 hours a day.

Connected Care

Your hospital surgeon can call up the same health record and easily consult with your primary care doctor about your care. And if you are ever hospitalized, your information is easily and securely accessible.

Complete and Comprehensive

Your health care providers have your entire health history—medications, allergies, physician visits and more—at their fingertips.


You no longer need to wait for paper charts to transfer from one location to another.

Your personal medical information stays personal

Safer than paper records, your health record is protected by sophisticated security features ensuring that your medical information stays private.

Stay involved informed and involved in your care

This innovative health record provides you with better coordinated care throughout our system. Whatever MultiCare facility you visit, your providers will all be looking at the same complete, up-to-date health record. Moreover, they’ll be at your side with your information at their fingertips, ready to answer your questions and explain your treatment options.


You can access your electronic health information and connect with your MultiCare doctor through the secure MyChart website or smartphone app. Through MyChart you can request that your doctor order a prescription, make medical appointments and see test results. Visit the MyChart site to sign up.