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NeckThe neck is the area of the spine closest to the head, extending from the base of the head to the shoulders. This area is particularly vulnerable to injury because it is very flexible, exposed and not as protected as the rest of the spine.

We use our necks for hundreds of important tasks every day: glancing at a movement to the left, twisting to see over our right shoulder, looking down as we walk. When neck function is limited by pain or injury, it can be difficult to get through your day normally. Tasks that you performed without thinking now cause pain and tension.

Common problems with the neck


  • Woman in Hat with FlowersDisk injuries
  • Stingers and burners, or nerve pinch injuries



        Diagnosis at MultiCare

        Your initial appointment with a MultiCare physician will include a full evaluation of your symptoms and recent activities. Establishing the source of the problem, whether it’s soft tissue damage or a more serious nerve compression problem, is the first step and will help determine your course of care. We may require electrodiagnostic studies, x-rays, an MRI or a CT scan.

        Treatment at MultiCare

        MultiCare physicians are experienced in a wide range of treatment options for neck pain, injury and aging, which might include: