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  • Halloween safety 101: costumes

    Halloween: it’s the one day of the year when kids and grownups alike can transform into anything their mischievous minds can imagine—from princesses and paupers to rock stars, wranglers, dinosaurs and divas. Picking an outfit for your child is a big part of Halloween—but while you’re looking for the perfect superhero or princess costume, keep some guidelines in mind.

    When buying costumes, wigs and beards, look for labels that say “flame resistant,” advises Laura Miccile, supervisor of the Center for Childhood Safety at MultiCare Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center. The label does not mean the items won’t catch fire. But it does mean they’ll resist burning and extinguish quickly once the ignition source is removed.

    “You also want costumes to fit well,” she says. If they’re too long or too big, there’s a chance children will trip on them.

    To help avoid falls and injuries, Miccile advises parents to have children:

    · Wear sturdy, well-fitting shoes. Mom’s high heels or dad’s heavy work boots could be dangerous and uncomfortable.

    · Tie hats and scarves securely so they don’t slip over the eyes or face.

    · Choose swords, knives and other accessories that are short, soft and flexible.

    · Wear makeup instead of a mask, which can block vision and breathing.

    · Apply reflective tape to trick-or-treat bags and costumes so kids can be seen more easily.

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    Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in Kids' Health