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  • Make over holiday recipes with these low-fat options

    The holidays are a time to celebrate — with food, among other things. And even if you’re trying to take good care of your heart, you can still enjoy your favorite fixings. Start with these ideas for boiling, baking and gravy making — heart-healthy style.

    “Holiday food is often higher in calories and may contain more fat and cholesterol than the foods we normally eat,” says Pamela Kramer, registered dietitian at MultiCare’s Covington Outpatient Nutrition Clinic.

    “That doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself—just practice moderation."

    When making your favorite holiday fare, try lowering the fat and cholesterol with these substitutions:

    • Fat-free evaporated milk instead of cream in soups and sauces

    • Fat-free, low-sodium broth instead of butter in mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables

    Applesauce or other pureed fruit instead of margarine, butter or oil in baked goods

    • Egg whites or a cholesterol-free egg substitute instead of whole eggs for baked goods or casseroles

    • Cornstarch blended into broth instead of pan drippings for gravy

    Posted on Nov 15, 2012 in Healthy Living