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  • MultiCare hospitals receive cardiac, stroke designations

    As part of a statewide program to create an emergency cardiac and stroke system, MultiCare’s adult hospitals received their categories this week.

    The program’s goal is to help emergency medical services take patients to the right facility to meet their needs. It’s similar to the trauma designations already in place.

    In 2010, the Washington State Legislature passed a law requiring the creation of a formal cardiac and stroke system of care in the state. Representatives from EMS, physicians, nurses and the Dept. of Health worked together to define the levels for both cardiac and stroke centers. The designations go into effect on July 1.

    MultiCare’s adult hospitals offer expert care for patients seeking treatment for heart attacks and strokes. Hospitals that participate in this program will receive a level designation of 1, 2 or 3 to correspond with the level of care offered. Level 1 facilities offer the most advanced care. The system is intended to save lives and reduce disability from heart attacks, cardiac arrest and stroke, according to the Dept. of Health.


    Two MultiCare hospitals offer the highest level of care for patients experiencing heart attack and cardiac arrest and are designated Level 1 cardiac centers by the Dept. of Health.

    Both MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital and MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital can quickly respond to the needs of patients and activate a multidisciplinary team to ensure the right steps are taken including getting the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab to restore blood flow as soon as possible. These two hospitals have the staff and equipment necessary to perform primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The life saving procedure, also called angioplasty, widens narrowed or obstructed blood vessels in the heart.

    MultiCare Allenmore Hospital has been designated a Level 2 cardiac center and offers rapid assessment and treatment of acute coronary symptoms.


    Tacoma General Hospital gives patients the most advanced level of care for patients experiencing the symptoms of stroke and is designed a Level 1 stroke center. Patients arriving at Tacoma General Hospital with symptoms of a stroke are met by a specially trained team of doctors and nurses who immediately assess the patient and start emergency response protocols. The team consistently completes the exam and diagnostic tests including results to start treatment within 45 minutes. The quick treatment improves the outcome for the patient and improves the odds for recovery.

    Good Samaritan Hospital and Allenmore are designated Level 3 stroke centers. These facilities have the equipment and staffing to care for acute strokes.

    Posted on May 25, 2011 in Cardiac, Stroke & Neurosciences