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  • Pharmacist Mary Brim and Pharmacy Technician Emily Nabua work in the Mary Bridge Health Center.

    Pharmacist Mary Brim and Pharmacy Technician Emily Nabua work in the Mary Bridge Health Center.

    MultiCare Profiles:

    As a way to highlight their work, staff members at the Mary Bridge Health Center decided to make an effort to offer praise for one another. 

    To begin 2013, the following employees and departments were honored with the following compliments. 

    • "Pharmacy staff are always pleasant, smiling, helpful. They consistently use exemplary critical." thinking, creativity and all the MultiCare values to work with others to best serve all involved."
    • "I believe our Pharmacy staff always put on smile, see that the patients are clear with their instructions on medications and informed properly about them and carry their heads high as they try to provide the best service possible day in and out."
    • Our Hem/Onc team is always looking out for their patients and providing them with the best care possible. They work together to see that the patient and family members are safe, comfortable, and getting all the care they need while at their visit. They are quick thinkers and doers. They really stand out as good-natured and warm-hearted health professionals, as shown by the patients and families who express gratefulness and appreciation for their attentiveness."
    • “Our lab technicians Stacee Andrews-Blandford and Wei Wen Liao who always greet staff and patients with a smile (even in their busiest times) and demonstrate great teamwork to see that patients get seen in a timely manner. (And our patients love them due their friendly nature and the comfort they provide).
    • "On behalf of the Mary Bridge Nephrology nurses, I would like to recognize Robin Hamman. As the clinic manager, Robin creates a work environment in which nurses work as a team to meet schedule needs. In the process of making the schedule each month, Robin is committed to helping staff meet their professional and personal goals. The nursing staff appreciates that Robin supports flexibility in the work schedule, which results in visible work satisfaction. Robin also created an online schedule which can be accessed from home. This schedule is a great tool for managing clinic and staff needs. Robins "makes a difference" in the clinic every month by her positive approach to the schedule.”
    • "Patty Lee, she is always there to help her fellow co-worker whether it is a phone number getting to a location or teaming up to help patients.”
    • "I will nominate Nive Vaisalo, (known to many as “Maria”) from the Sea Horse bistro. Nive is always giving 100% customer service. She makes the best coffee and genuinely cares about her customers! She goes above and beyond to make her customers satisfied and always has a smile on her face! Way to go, Nive!”
    • "I want to nominate Chris Pires, RN. I call her our education cheerleader. She takes great responsibility in increasing the educational options for our families. She worked with IS and Dr. Karyn Yonekawa to set up a comprehensive Nephrology website. She also has created multiple education packets for hypertension, nephrotic syndrome, and dysfunctional voiding. She is currently working on creating specialized hypertension education that will focus on wellness, lifestyle modifications, and family education for our new hypertension clinics. This will make the Mary Bridge Hypertension Clinica huge, valuable service to our families. She is also always willing to go above and beyond to meet our family’s needs."
    • "Nancy Christiansen in Pharmacy researches, evaluates, & promotes positive change."
    • "Angie @ the Bistro is also compassion incarnate. She serves lovingly and energetically every day.”
    • "Stacee Andrews-Blandford and Wei Wen Liao in the Lab consistently use exemplary critical thinking, creativity and all the MultiCare values to work with others to best serve all involved.”
    • "Pharmacy staff is awesome. Always advocates for families. Good resource for any question."

    If you know of a Mary Bridge Health Center co-worker who deserves recognition, email Mara Lechner at

    Posted on Jan 8, 2013 in MultiCare Profiles