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  • Team In Training: Many face a journey much harder than a marathon

    by Team In Training

    Editor’s note: Over the past few months, 17 MultiCare staff members have been training for the Vancouver, B.C., Marathon on May 6 as part of Team In Training, which benefits The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. MultiCare is a sponsor of Team In Training, and participants raise funds to help find cures and better treatments for blood cancers. Leading up to the marathon, we’ll share some of their stories about why they run. To support their efforts, visit Team MultiCare.

    By Jennifer Landree
    Project Manager, MultiCare Health System

    It’s hard to believe that my marathon journey started six months ago when I joined Team in Training. During those first cold runs in November, it was hard to believe that 30 minutes of running would turn into 40, 50, 60 minutes and more.

    On Sunday, I’ll run the 26.2-mile Vancouver Marathon with my MultiCare teammates. 

    I knew how far I had come when I had to complete one of our longest training runs of the season, an 18-mile run, by myself. Thanks to my coaches and my training, I knew just what to do. I woke up, well rested and hydrated, and ate my routine pre-run breakfast of an English muffin with peanut butter. I went to the store to pick up water and Gatorade to hide around my running route (a sort of runner’s Easter egg hunt) and a bag of ice for my post-run ice bath. With energy gels in my pockets, a fresh playlist on my iPod and a smile on my face, I was off.

    Team in Training

    After three hours of running, I was tired and my feet were hurting, but the sense of victory I felt as I neared my neighborhood was incredible. I felt stronger than ever as I climbed my last hills of the run, mustered my reserves, and ate my last energy gel to get me home. And the sense of accomplishment I felt was among my most victorious moments. It was the first time I felt like I could actually finish the marathon.

    What keeps me going when I’m tired and my inner voice is whining and there’s nothing I’d like to do better than detour to the nearest Starbucks and collapse into a big comfy chair? It is the mission.

    I joined Team in Training to honor a friend of mine who passed away from lymphoma last year. Thanks to the patient stories we hear at practice or read during our weekly newsletter, I always know why I am running: to support these brave souls who are facing a journey that is much harder than a marathon.

    Inspiration is always there.

    A few weeks ago, a child whose leukemia had been cured recently came to practice; he and his mom handed out water, and I passed by him. As he ran in the opposite direction, I pressed on. I know why I run.

    Posted on May 3, 2012 in Cancer