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Patient Benefits

The MultiCare Transfusion Free Program offers:
  • The commitment of the hospital staff to provide high-quality medical and surgical care with respect for a patient’s informed decision not to use blood products
  • Administrative and staff support of the patient’s wish to avoid a blood transfusion and the physician’s commitment to the patient’s health care choice
  • Pre-determined practice guidelines and clinical pathways
  • Scientifically sound practices to minimize blood loss
  • On-going education on developments in bloodless medicine and surgery for staff, physicians, patients, and the community

Patient Benefits
  • Reduced risk associated with blood transfusions
  • Minimized suppression of the immune system
  • Potential to decrease patient length of stay and reduce infectious complications
  • Respect for patient preferences

Modern Medical Technology
  • Blood conservation techniques are used when collecting blood specimens for analytic testing to dramatically reduce the amount of blood drawn.
  • Intra-operative blood salvage (cell saver) and Hemodilution collects, cleans, and returns the patient’s own blood to them during surgery
  • Electrocautery, harmonic scalpel, and laser technology devices are used during surgery to control bleeding
  • Synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells
  • Medications are given to increase the patient's blood volume

For more information, please call 253-697-2721 or 253-697-2722.