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Patient Checklist for Safety

If you are entering the hospital as a patient, it's important to recognize that you are an important member of your care team. We want you to partner with our nurses, doctors and other caregivers to be an active participant in your safety. When you need more information on your condition, or don't understand something about your care, please tell us. If you don't feel comfortable discussing an issue with your care provider, we have a patient advocate you can contact to discuss your concerns.

There are also specific steps you can take to stay safer during your hospitalization, including preventing falls and encouraging those around you to wash their hands carefully.

Checklist for safety

  • Wash hands: Hand washing plays an important role in preventing infections in the hospital. Feel free to speak up and ask your care providers and visitors to wash their hands, or use the hand hygiene gel located in your room.
  • Ask questions: If you are uncertain about any procedure or medication, please ask for clarification. If you still are unclear, ask again. We want you and your family to fully understand your condition or procedure and how to best manage your health care long term.
  • Expect questions: You will answer the same questions repeatedly, but it is important for caregivers to ask you identifying information, such as your name and date of birth, before medications are administered and procedures are conducted. Your safety is the most important thing to us, so ensuring we are doing the right thing for the right patient is a top priority.
  • Prevent falls: When you are in the hospital and receiving medicine, you may not be as steady as you normally would be. Be sure to follow your care providers' instructions to prevent falls. This may include asking for help before you get up from your bed, keeping personal items close within reach and cooperating with the use of a bed alarm. Our goal is to prevent falls that could be very serious.
  • Going home: Taking care of yourself after you leave the hospital is a crucial part of your recovery. Ask your caregiver what to expect and how to take good care of yourself after discharge, including when and how to take any medication. A trusted friend or family member can help you understand this information.
  • Report problems: If there is anything about your hospital stay that concerns you, please talk to your care provider or manager. If care issues are still unresolved, call our Customer Concern Line, Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm:

    Pierce County: 253-403-1739
    King County: 253-372-7039
    Toll Free: 866-247-2366