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Patient Stories

comforting staff at GOOD SAMARITAN hospital

Recently, my baby was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital. The day shift nurse who came every morning was like a ray of sunshine to our family; always explaining to us what she was doing and ensuring that our daughter was comfortable. The second nurse who saw us was extremely thorough including dealing with our insurance for us. And then there was a very soothing nurse, her demeanor was so comforting, and she gave me tips on how to help my other children while at home.

Even the staff at the desk and the housekeepers – absolutely every person we interacted with – were skilled and compassionate. I am so grateful for the care my family received, please pass along my thanks to the staff.

Excellent care at ALLENMORE hospital

One afternoon, I got a call that my sister refused to get off the floor. Her caregivers carried her to the car and called me. I met them at Allenmore Hospital. The moment she was admitted, my sister received the best medical care that she has ever been given. The ER experience was superb. The triage was prompt and appropriate. The nursing care was excellent. The X-ray Technicians and physicians were all outstanding. The inpatient medicine team even discovered metabolic issues that we had not previously known. But my sister’s experience at Allenmore gave me perspective from the other side of the hospital-patient relationship.

My sister and the entire family were treated with compassion that went beyond high-quality medical service.  Allenmore has fostered an environment of personalized caring so well and to such a degree that even a challenging patient was cared for in the full sense of the word. I will be always in their debt, and they will always be held in high esteem by me and my family.

A Team Approach at Tacoma General Hospital

I wanted to thank everyone responsible for the fabulous care I received while a patient at Tacoma General Hospital. My seven days on the 5th floor were, for me, a spa experience. Where else can you have three meals a day delivered to you on a tray and the very best coffee!

Intravenous steroids, antibiotics, breathing treatments, even the technicians sticking my finger to check the climbing blood sugar levels brought on by the steroids, were just as pleasant as they could be. My reward, of course, was the inevitable insulin shot, brought to us by a lovely RN.