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Patient Stories

Robotic assisted surgery testimonials

Robotic assisted surgery offers patients a treatment option that is less invasive than traditional surgery. The latest advances in robotics and computer technology allow surgeons to operate with more precision, so robotic-assisted surgery can be used for very complex, delicate procedures. As a result patients have less pain, shorter hospital stays and a faster return to their daily lives.

To learn more about actual patient experiences, read the testimonials below.

“Go robotics, you’re better off.”

Dawn, 45

When Dawn found out that she had two cysts the size of apples in her uterus, her doctor recommended robotic assisted surgery. Having endured nine unrelated previous surgeries, including a C-section and another cyst removal, both she and her doctor preferred this less invasive approach to the hysterectomy. Dawn’s experience was smooth and her recovery, easy. Within a few days she felt great and it took about 10 days to feel 100 percent. “It surprised me how little pain there was.” Excellent is the word she’d use to describe the Tacoma General staff and Dr. Lenihan, the doctor that performed the procedure.

“I had virtually no pain. The biggest danger was probably overdoing it because I felt so great.”

Leo, 57

When Leo was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dr. Sutherland sent him a packet that included various treatment options from “watchful waiting” to radiation. He told Leo to review, do some research if he wanted and talk with his wife. They’d discuss treatment in two weeks. So, when Dr. Sutherland recommended robotic assisted surgery, Leo already knew that was his preferred option. “I just wanted the cancer out and it seemed like the side effects of radiation were just as bad, if not worse.” After staying overnight at Allenmore Hospital, Leo had only great things to say about his experience. Dr. Sutherland and the staff put him at ease and he was feeling back to normal within a few days. “I’d recommend it to anybody,” he says.

“I went grocery shopping five days after surgery.”

Angie, 48

After suffering from debilitating cramps during menstruation for years– and it was getting worse – Angie took action. Dr. Lenihan found that her uterus had healed incorrectly after a 1991 caesarian and recommended a partial hysterectomy using robotics-assisted surgery. Angie arrived at Tacoma General in the morning and was walking up the 22 stairs at home about 12 hours later, thanks to this less invasive surgical process.“I expected more pain and as surprised at how little there was, I wish I’d done it sooner,” she says.

“I was back at work in less than two weeks.”

Judy, 55

Judy thought her periods were incredibly heavy but after some tests she found out that fibroids in her uterus were causing nearly non-stop bleeding. Dr. Lenihan recommended a partial hysterectomy using robotic-assisted surgery. Judy jumped at the alternative - having four tiny scars she can barely see and little pain was the obvious choice for this working mom. “I loved my doctor and all the staff, especially the ultrasound technician,” she says. “She really put me at ease and made something that could be uncomfortable kind of fun.”