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Adult Day Health


Adult Health Attendance
It is important that participants know that Adult Day Health is considered a medical appointment. When scheduling other appointments, please try to schedule around your Adult Day Health days.  Participants who continually do not show up (“no show") when scheduled or cancel service days may be subject to having their days reduced or possible discharge from the program.

Private Transportation Providers
If a participant is transported privately to or from the Center, the transporter needs to sign the participant in and out. There is a sign in/sign out sheet in the reception area.

Whether you are dropping off or picking up a participant or just visiting, we ask that you follow the directions located on the blue signs located in front of each parking stall.

MultiCare Adult Day Health has a private transportation company available to provide transportation for most Pierce County participants to and from the Center. If a participant is going to miss a day, it is important that they notify the Center as soon as possible. Participants must call and cancel their ride by 8:00AM for the AM program and no later than 12:00PM for the PM program to avoid receiving a “no show.” Clients who receive three “no shows” within a 30 day period may be suspended from transportation.  Also, if a participant requires a schedule or address change, the Center requires 48 hours notice. The Center may not be able to accommodate any changes received with less than 48 hours notice. Voice messages can be left at 253-459-7222 to cancel or change a ride. A separate Rider’s Guide explains all of the transportation policies more completely.

All participants will wear a name tag while they are at the Center. The name tag bears important information about each participant, including safety, diet and allergies. This information is essential for the staff and volunteers. If a participant comes home with a name tag, please see that it is sent back to the Center with the participant on the next attendance day.

It is important that all visitors sign in at the front desk and receive a name badge and return their name badge upon departure. We request that visitors call ahead if possible; please call 253-459-7222.

A doctor's order must be received prior to administering any type of medications. Anyone who needs prescription medication distributed to them by our nursing staff must bring this medication in the original bottle - with the original label on the bottle. The expiration date must be current. No medication will be distributed if the date has expired.  Do not bring medication in a plastic bag or envelope.

Valuables or Lost Items
Participants are asked not to bring valuable items to the Center. The Center cannot take responsibility for anything that is lost. We ask that you have all items and clothing marked with your name. If you do lose something, please call the Center at 253-459-7222, and we will do our best to locate it.

If a holiday occurs on a Monday through Friday, the center will be closed on that day. We are open on Martin Luther King Day and Veteran’s Day. Some years the Center may be closed on the day before, or after, the holiday. Please refer to the monthly newsletter calendar for specific details.

We observe the following holidays:
  • New Year's Day - Closed
  • Presidents Day - Closed
  • Memorial Day - Closed
  • July 4th - Closed
  • Labor Day - Closed
  • Thanksgiving—Closed
  • Christmas—Closed

Weather Related Closures
Notification of weather related closures will be on the Center’s recorded message (253-459-7222) by 7:30AM. It is very important that you provide our staff with a current emergency phone number so that we can contact you if the Center needs to close due to snow during our program hours. If it is snowing, you may call the Center to see if the program is cancelled or delayed.