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Patient Testimonials

Anthony Nenedjian

At age nine, Anthony Nenedjian wants to be a professional soccer player or an animal researcher. His interest in snakes is almost as great as his love of soccer (and the money pro players make) and Anthony is hoping to be accepted into his school’s gifted and talented program so he can do actual research on snakes, rather than just write reports on them.

Just a few years ago, Anthony’s plans for the future would have been unthinkable. Diagnosed at five-and-a-half years old with acute lymphatic leukemia, Anthony was so sick he was hospitalized at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital just an hour and a half after pediatric oncologist Dr. Bill Thomas got the results of his blood work.

That was the start of a more than three-year battle for his life that Anthony appears to be winning. Although he doesn’t have very fond memories of the “huge” needles that were a part of his treatment, Anthony has had an excellent response to chemotherapy and his cancer is now in remission. Anthony’s parents agreed to have him take part in the clinical trial of a new drug, in addition to standard chemotherapy, because they know the study will help kids like Anthony return to a normal life and follow their dreams of a successful and active future.