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Heart Valve

Title: Clinical Trial of the On-X® Valve Using Low Dose Anticoagulation

Purpose: This study includes patients who will have their diseased heart valve replaced with the On-X mechanical heart valve. It is being done to determine whether lower levels of anticoagulation, including lower INR on Warfarin as well as Aspirin + Plavix only, can be used to prevent clotting events in patients who receive this particular mechanical heart valve.

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Who Can Participate?

Diagnosis or Condition: Patients undergoing an aortic or mitral heart valve replacement

Age: 18 yrs or older

Sex: Males and Females

Visits: Yearly visits for up to 8 years. (4 visits the first year). Home INR meter management for patients on Coumadin

PI: Dennis Nichols, MD

Study Coordinator: Meredith (Janey) Barnhart 253-403-7258

For more information, contact the Study Coordinator and reference ON-X