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Patient Testimonials

James Schultz

James Schultz is bursting with energy as carpenters and other workers hammer away, readying his new guitar shop for its grand opening. For James, the store is a long-standing dream but just a year ago he barely had the energy to go to work each day. He was short of breath and tired almost all the time, the effects of a faulty heart valve he’s had since birth.

When doctors told him he needed a valve replacement, James sprang into action, doing exhaustive research on mechanical versus animal replacement valves and on where to have the surgery. He considered the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics then learned about a MultiCare study on a new mechanical valve that would eliminate the lifelong need for Coumadin. Although Coumadin has been a lifesaver for many patients, it can cause potentially fatal bleeding and patients have to be very closely monitored. Since James bleeds easily, the new mechanical valve seemed a good alternative and his research convinced him that the MultiCare team was first-rate.

Today, a year and a half after his surgery, James is doing well, leading a full life and looking forward to great success as a music-loving entrepreneur.