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Jessica Fisher

Nine-year-old Jessie Fisher is the most popular girl in her class. She has a ready smile and lots of energy, loves basketball, R&B music and her two pet rats. Apart from the fact that she’s the size of a typical five year old, you'd never Jessie has had a life-threatening condition since birth and more medical treatments than many adults have in a lifetime.

From the time she was born, Jessie had a range of potentially fatal medical problems but it wasn’t until Dr. Michael Raff suggested genetic testing that doctors discovered the cause: Jessie lacks an essential enzyme in cells throughout her body.

Although at 20 months she was too young for a clinical trial on Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT), a bone marrow transplant gave her the extra years she needed until ERT was released for general use. Today, Jessie receives ERT during weekly treatments at MultiCare’s Mary Bridge Infusion Center and even though she has to miss school one day a week for her infusions, Jessie has never missed a homework assignment, loves to spend time on Facebook and in the school library, and enjoys outings with her family to the ocean, just like any other girl her age.