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Kathleen Douvis

Woman   Gardening

Kathleen Douvis jokes that she’s annoyed she can’t have Botox® or cosmetic fillers because she's taking part in a clinical trial on the safety of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis. Kathleen's body must remain as free as possible of foreign substances while she's in the study but she knows that's a small price to pay if it leads to more treatment options for MS patients like her.

Kathleen was the first patient to enter the study, thanks to MultiCare's Dr. John Huddlestone, principal investigator. She's tolerated the stem cell infusions well and is now being monitored closely to see how she progresses. She also receives traditional treatment under Dr. Huddlestone's careful attention. Kathleen recently retired and with her symptoms under reasonably good control, she now spends her time gardening and planning trips with her husband to Hawaii and the Panama Canal.

Kathleen is hopeful that the study she's participating in, and others going on elsewhere, will eventually lead to a better understanding of the disease and ultimately to a cure. In the meantime, in her self-described "glass half full" way, she continues to lead a full life in the belief that the next 25 years of MS research will proceed with the same leaps and bounds that the last 25 have.