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Melissa Weber

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Melissa Weber didn’t have to think twice about joining a clinical trial for breast cancer patients. As a nurse, she had seen first hand the benefits of trials even though she never imagined she'd be part of one herself. All that changed, thought, after a double mastectomy and a later operation to remove cancerous tissue from her chest muscle. At that point, Weber figured that, in addition to standard chemotherapy, she wanted to try anything that might provide additional protection.

In the end, Weber wound up taking part in trials of two different drugs, and 11 years after her first cancer diagnosis, she's living a vibrant life as the retired grandmother of four. She walks five miles a day with her puppy, hikes, kayaks, crochets and helps two neighbors, one with MS the other with a brain tumor, with daily tasks. Weber is also looking for volunteer work and figuring out other things to do with what she expects will be the rest of a very long life.