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Patient Testimonials

Jessica Fisher

Since birth, Jessie has had a range of potentially fatal medical problems. But it wasn't until Dr. Michael Raff suggested genetic testing that doctors discovered the cause: Jessie lacks an essential enzyme in cells throughout her body.

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Anthony Nenedjian

Diagnosed at 5 1/2 years old with acute lymphatic leukemia, Anthony was so sick he was hospitalized at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital just an hour and a half after pediatric oncologist Dr. Bill Thomas got the results of his blood work.

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James Schultz

When doctors told him he needed a valve replacement, James sprang into action, doing exhaustive research on mechanical versus animal replacement valves and on where to have the surgery. 

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Grandmother and Child

Karen Hill

Karen Hill couldn't get her fingers to work properly as she was getting ready for bed one night. Then she started to slur her speech and couldn't move the left side of her body, all signs of a stroke. 

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Woman Leaning Over Chair

Melissa Weber

Melissa Weber didn’t have to think twice about joining a clinical trial for breast cancer patients. Although, as a nurse, she never imagined she'd be part of one herself.

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Woman Gardening

Kathleen Douvis

Kathleen is hopeful that the study she’s participating in, and others going on elsewhere, will eventually lead to a better understanding of MS and ultimately to a cure.

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