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Shoulder Replacement

We expect so much from our shoulders; lift, push, pull, hold steady.  The shoulder can be victim to repetitive arm movements that make arthritis worse, such as golf, tennis, knitting, swimming or gardening. When arthritis takes over in this joint, even hugging someone can be painful or impossible.

Shoulder IllustrationIf physical therapy and lifestyle changes don’t eliminate or ease shoulder pain, then shoulder replacement can get you back to the things you need to do.  Because the shoulder is not a weight-bearing joint (like the hip or knee), recovery is often quicker.

Patients generally find improved range of motion in the shoulder after shoulder replacement surgery, but those improvements are not as consistent as the pain relief following shoulder replacement. The joint is replaced with ceramic, plastic or metal joints that function exactly as your normal joints, but without the pain.

MultiCare orthopedic surgeons also perform the following shoulder procedures:

  • Partial joint replacement
  • Total joint replacement

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Should I have shoulder replacement surgery to treat osteoarthritis?

Dr. David Coons Discusses Shoulder Problems


David Coons, DO discusses treatments for shoulder injuries and pain ranging from non-surgical home treatments to minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Coons is an orthopedic surgeon at MultiCare Orthopedics & Sports Medicine with special interest and extensive training in arthroscopic shoulder and knee reconstruction.