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Specialty Boutiques

At MultiCare we understand the unique needs of new parents - that's why we offer four specialty boutiques. Our boutiques offer everything a new mom needs from including maternity wear, newborn clothes and great gift items.

Our Mom and Baby Boutique at Tacoma General Hospital offers a comprehensive breast pump rental program with convenient pick-up and drop off located next to the Family Birth Center.

Located in the lobby of the Family Birth Center at Good Samaritan Hospital, the store specializes in baby clothes, accessories and fun, playful additions for a baby’s room.

Our Healthy Reflections Boutique offers a wide variety of women's health care items to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you are expecting a baby or just given birth, preparing for or recovering from surgery, or dealing with cancer treatment and recovery, Healthy Reflections Boutique is here to provide everything you need – in a sensitive and professional setting.

Visit our Boutiques

Mom and Baby Boutique at Tacoma General Hospital

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Store at Good Samaritan Hospital

Healthy Reflections Boutiques at Covington MultiCare Clinic and MultiCare Gig Harbor Medical Park