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Robotic Technology

How to Find an Experienced Robotic Surgeon

Robotic Procedures

Are you facing surgery? If so, ask your doctor if minimally invasive surgery is an option. Assuming it is, here are a few questions to ask before choosing your surgeon.

  • What is you experience with robotic surgery? As a patient you should know how long your surgeon has been using this technology and if he or she has used it for your particular procedure.

  • How many robotic procedures have you done? The higher the number, the more experienced the surgeon.

  • How likely are you to do the entire surgery with the robot? Sometimes surgeons end up having to complete a robotic surgery with an open incision. This is called a "conversion." You should know what your surgeon's "conversion rate" is.

  • How soon will I be back to normal? Recovery from a robotic-assisted surgery ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.