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Trauma Care

10 Years of Trauma Care

Tacoma Trauma Center: Celebrating 10 years of saving lives

The Tacoma Trauma Center, a partnership between St. Joseph Medical Center, MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital and Madigan Army Medical Center, ensures that expert trauma care is available around the clock throughout the South Puget Sound.

This unique program is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Since being established in June 2000, the Trauma Center at St. Joseph and the Trauma Center at Tacoma General have treated more than 13,746 individuals for traumatic and often life-threatening injuries from automobile accidents, gunshots, stabbings, assaults, falls and other mishaps. During the same period, 4,475 individuals have received trauma care at Madigan Army Medical Center. Of those, approximately percent were civilians (not active members of the military).

Trauma-care duty rotates every 24 hours between St. Joseph Medical Center and Tacoma General. Madigan provides trauma services all the time to serve military personnel and, as needed, to treat injured civilians.

The trauma centers at St. Joseph, Tacoma General and Madigan are designated as Level 2 programs by the Washington State Department of Health. The Level 2 designation shared by Tacoma General and St. Joseph means each hospital has a trauma surgeon on site when the facility is on trauma duty, and that cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons and other medical specialists can respond with 20 minutes of being called.

After Tacoma Trauma Center patients are treated and released from the hospital, they are provided appropriate outpatient care locally as part of our program’s commitment to excellence and to the well-being of our patients.