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Audiology - Pediatric Hearing Center

Pediatric Hearing Center

The Mary Bridge Pediatric Hearing Center features the only full-service pediatric audiology service in southwest Washington. The focus of the program is early identification of hearing loss in children, as well as treatment options to optimize speech and hearing development.

We understand what it takes to evaluate your child's hearing completely and accurately. We are a team of specially trained pediatric audiologists. We are able to gather information using a variety of the latest technologies and techniques to properly diagnose and treat your child's hearing disorder.

Behavioral Audiometry (Six months and older)

Behavioral hearing evaluations are used with children who are old enough to respond to sounds by turning their heads, playing a game, or raising their hand. Behavioral tests provide accurate information about the degree/amount of hearing loss, and can help locate the source of the problem—the middle ear, the inner ear, or both. These tests can be completed in less than one hour.

Electrophysiologic Tests (Birth to Adult)

Electrophysiologic tests are used when a child is under six months of age, cannot perform a behavioral test, or when we need to double check your child's behavioral responses against a more objective test.

Sometimes, these tests can be conducted while your child rests comfortably on your lap. However, for some young children these tests may be conducted while your child is sedated. If sedation is required, your audiologist will discuss the procedure with you.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

In partnership with you and your child's physician, we will help you formulate a plan that may include other medical referrals, hearing aids, assistive devices, a cochlear implant, or speech and language training. Our goal is to help you design a program of treatment and rehabilitation that is effective in optimizing and preserving speech and hearing development.

If you have questions, or would like to speak with one of our pediatric audiologists, please call our office at 253-792-6640 or 800-552-1419.