Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

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Inpatient Consultative Services

The Pediatric Psychology & Psychiatry Service provides neuropsychological, psychological and psychiatric consultation services to the Mary Bridge inpatient units. 

Populations served include:

  • Patients with head injury, concussion or other brain trauma/disease.
    • Examples may include but are not limited to:
      • Traumatic Brain Injury
      • Concussion
      • Encephalopathy due to disease or infectious process
      • Altered mental status due to substance abuse
      • Brain tumor
      • Brain surgery
      • Other neurosurgical patients.

  • Patients newly diagnosed with diabetes. 
  • Patients who are admitted due to a suicide attempt or who are expressing current suicidal ideation. 
  • Patients with a new diagnosis of a chronic illness where there are concerns about issues of coping and adjustment.
  • Patients who are experiencing depression or anxiety to such a degree that it is interfering in their medical care or recovery or is preventing discharge.
  • Patients who are dealing with significant acute or chronic pain that is in need of a multidisciplinary approach to pain management.
  • Patients dealing with a mental illness, developmental delay, or behavioral issue that is making it difficult or preventing staff from, providing care.
  • Trauma patients or their siblings who may be experiencing an acute stress reaction.
  • Patients, siblings and families with anticipatory grief and end of life concerns.
  • Patients with diagnosed or likely diagnosis of an eating disorder which is impacting care or recovery.
  • Physicians or staff for case consultation, as needed.