Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

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Neonatal Follow-up Clinic For information, call 253-403-4437

Developmental Services for Infants and Children

The Mary Bridge Neonatal Follow-up Clinic provides assessment of growth and development of babies and children at risk for developmental delay. Patients are usually infants and children ages birth to three who have experienced prematurity, low birth weight, medical conditions that may lead to a developmental delay, birth defects and those with special care needs during the newborn period.

The Clinic is made up of a team of professionals including Developmental Pediatrician, Developmental Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Registered Nurses and Social Workers.

Appointments are scheduled at important developmental screening times which are 4, 8 and 18 months corrected age and at 2 1/2 years chronological age.  A recheck clinic is available for those children who need to be seen in between the scheduled clinics.