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Pediatric Hearing Loss Resources


Hearing loss can have a dramatic and profound impact on your child. It can cause delays in the development of communication skills, both in understanding and using language. Early intervention is the key to maximizing every child’s potential for oral communication. Please contact the Mary Bridge Speech and Hearing Clinic at 253-403-4437 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Services provided at Mary Bridge
  • Auditory Skills Evaluations – evaluations assess auditory skills including detection and identification of sounds and potential for development of oral communication skills. This evaluation also assesses language and speech skills. This appointment is typically scheduled for 90 minutes after your child has been fit with hearing aids.
  • Individual Auditory-Oral Therapy
    • Typically scheduled for 60 minutes once a week
    • Available for children with hearing aids and cochlear implants

  • Parent Education

  • Cochlear Implant “PRE-hab” – works to establish listening and language skills prior to cochlear implantation