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Medical Imaging

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Requesting Your Medical Imaging Records

MRI, MultiCare, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Covington, AuburnTo request Imaging records, please contact:

Centralized Imaging Records Management

Phone:  253-403-2308
Toll Free: 877-291-2218
Fax: 253-403-1574
Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Convenient Centralized Scheduling

Imaging Services Scheduling Department

Phone: 253-792-6220
Toll Free: 866-268-7223
Fax: 253-792-6230
Mon-Friday: 7:30am - 9pm
Sat-Sun & Holidays: 8am - 5:30pm
To schedule a same day emergent/urgent patient at any MultiCare imaging location, please contact Central Imaging Scheduling at 253-792-6220, toll free 866-268-7223, or fax 253-792-6230.

Imaging Scheduling for Tacoma General Hospital - Mary Bridge Children's Hospital - Allenmore Hospital – Allenmore Medical Building C - Good Samaritan Hospital - Gig Harbor Medical Park - Auburn MultiCare Health Center - Covington MultiCare Clinic - Kent MultiCare Clinic

*For scheduling at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, call 253-545-2570

Vascular Surgical Services
MultiCare Vascular Services - Tacoma
Phone: 253-403-8410
Fax: 253-403-8411

MultiCare Vascular Services - Puyallup
Phone: 253-697-3200
Fax: 253-697-3250

How Much is Too Much Radiation?

Radiation is a form of energy. You use it when you turn on a lamp, microwave food or listen to your radio. Pictures of bones and organs are made with a special type called ionizing radiation. Medical imaging methods that use ionizing radiation include X-ray, fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT scan), nuclear medicine and positron emission tomography (PET scan).

In general, infants, children and young adults are more sensitive to radiation than adults and older people. We shield certain organs and use special techniques to limit doses.

Learn more about radiation doses and safety in regards to commonly asked questions about radiation below:

PDF Icon Adult Radiation Doses

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