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Road trip food and key

12 healthy snack ideas for a summer road trip

Posted Jul 31, 2015 ( comments)
Taking a summer road trip? Try these tips for healthy snack planning.Read Article arrow
hard boiled eg

Recipe: Perfect hard-boiled eggs

Posted on Jul. 30, 2015 ( comments)

Try this recipe for perfect hard-boiled eggs

Your questions about cord blood, answered

Posted on Jul. 29, 2015 ( comments)
Coconut Oil Latte

4 tips for cutting back on sugar in coffee, plus a coconut-oil latte recipe

Posted on Jul. 28, 2015 ( comments)

Looking to cut back on sweetened coffee drinks? Try easing into it with these tips, plus a coconut-oil coffee recipe.

Child abuse prevention speaker and filmmaker to join Courage Classic

Posted on Jul. 27, 2015 ( comments)

Sasha Joseph Neulinger will join more than 300 bike riders this weekend at the 24th annual Alaska Airlines Courage Classic.

Nurse Camp inspires students to seek careers in health care

Posted on Jul. 24, 2015 ( comments)
Nurse Camp Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno seeks to combine passions for biology, serving community

Posted on Jul. 23, 2015 ( comments)

Meet Luis Moreno, a Kent student who wants to learn all he can at Nurse Camp this week.

Lindsay Harrison Nurse Camp 2015

Future world traveler makes a stop in the operating room

Posted on Jul. 22, 2015 ( comments)

Meet a student who views practicing medicine as her ticket to see the world.

Washington to benefit from $3.75 million in CDC funds to improve stroke care

Posted on Jul. 22, 2015 ( comments)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is providing $3.75 million to improve stroke care here through the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke program — one of only six grants awarded nationally.

nurse camp alumni 2015

Catching up with Nurse Camp alumni

Posted on Jul. 21, 2015 ( comments)

We checked in with former Nurse Camp students to see where they are in their medical careers.