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Mary Bridge awarded Mattel Grant to remodel playroom

Posted on May. 21, 2014 ( comments)
The Mattel Childrens Foundation together with the Childrens Hospital Association has awarded MultiCare Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital a $17,000 grant to bring the healing power of play to hospitalized children through new gaming equipment and updates to the family and youth respite areas of the hospital. 

Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital is one of 11 childrens hospitals across the country to receive a Mattel Play Grant. 

“We know that being in the hospital can be challenging for kids so we want to make sure we offer them opportunities to play and have fun,” said Rob Lenza, Chief Operating Officer for Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital. “We are excited that this grant will allow us to improve our recreation options for our patients and families.”

A play area on the sixth floor of the Olympic Pavilion at Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital will be updated with new gaming equipment, a computer and a game table. The remodeling project will is expected to be completed this fall. The room will appeal to kids of all ages but will provide extra entertainment for teens. 

“One of the difficulties children face during an extended hospital stay is maintaining the joy of childhood through the many procedures and treatments they undergo,” said Childrens Hospital Association President and CEO Mark Wietecha. “The Mattel Childrens Foundation Play Grants will support childrens hospitals in their quest to create healing environments that allow children to engage in play and, frankly, just be kids.” 

The Mattel Play Grants program builds on the success of a nine-year partnership between the Childrens Hospital Association and the Mattel Childrens Foundation that has delivered a half million toys to pediatric patients at childrens hospitals, helping create positive healing environments nationwide.
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