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two south king baby week onesies

Meet two new moms and two South King County babies

Posted Oct 9, 2015 ( comments)
To help us celebrate South King County Baby Week, we asked two new moms to share their recent experiences at our birth center.Read Article arrow

Sorted By: Cancer

Mary Bridge leukemia patient raising money for cancer research

Posted on Sep. 28, 2015 ( comments)
haley and mom with bracelets
Hematology-Oncology Clinic

A day at the Mary Bridge Hematology/Oncology Clinic

Posted on Sep. 23, 2015 ( comments)

Even in the face of cancer, the Mary Bridge Hematology/Oncology Clinic makes sure kids can stay kids.

Good Samaritan Cancer Resource Center Wig Room

Wigs, gas cards provide 'peace of mind' for breast cancer patients

Posted on Sep. 21, 2015 ( comments)

See what your donation to Come Walk With Me helps provide to women facing breast cancer.

Cancer and kids: How to answer a child's questions

Posted on Sep. 15, 2015 ( comments)
Girl wearing surgical mask

Facing childhood cancer with a smile: Olivia's story

Posted on Sep. 8, 2015 ( comments)
Olivia and Blitz

Childhood cancer survivor becomes activist

Posted on Sep. 1, 2015 ( comments)

Pablove Shutterbugs profile: There's a snake in the tub, don't freak out

Posted on Aug. 13, 2015 ( comments)

What’s that snake doing in the bathtub? Read the story behind Paul’s Pablove Shutterbugs photo.


Pablove Shutterbugs profile: Dryden's birdbath reflections

Posted on Jul. 16, 2015 ( comments)

Pablove Shutterbugs student and pediatric cancer patient Dryden Shirks shares the story behind her photo.

Pablove Shutterbugs profile: Hanna and the mysterious bubbles

Posted on Jul. 9, 2015 ( comments)
Hyundai Hope On Wheels

Mary Bridge Children's Foundation receives $50,000 grant from Hyundai

Posted on Jul. 7, 2015 ( comments)

Hyundai has awarded Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation a $50,000 Hyundai Hope On Wheels Impact Award to help fund pediatric cancer research and programs.